With millions of posts online, Instagram is a household name. The mobile and desktop photo and video sharing platform has rapidly gained popularity. It’s easy to get lost in thought and fall prey to social media anxiety; however, if utilized correctly, Instagram can be a major benefit to your business and brand. Here are 10 ways you and your company can utilize Instagram to suit your personal and professional needs.

Post for a


When we so often post to glorify ourselves or a company, we neglect to recognize the opportunity to raise awareness for people or an organization that truly matters. Do your employees volunteer? What charities does your company support? Are there events happening in your community that you want to be a part of? Whether it’s posting your own photos or helping an organization by re-posting their content on Instagram, don’t lose sight of the importance of helping others in need.

The Domino Effect

Growth and Well-Being

Share how your company or employees were able to overcome a certain dilemma or drawback. It’s easy to post all of the good happening within your organization, but sharing a story also helps inspire others. It might even have a domino effect if it falls into the right users hands.


Humanity and Insight

Social media is about what we are doing right now and where we are going. With humility comes compassion, and authenticity will not only gain you or your business followers, but it will create a sense of trust built around your name. This will keep your company out of the run-of-the-mill crowd. With originality and habits of insight, you will build acuity.

What’s Good for the Soul?


Something as simple as laughing can reduce stress. According to Mayo Clinic, it can sooth tension and stimulate many organs. Simple and nonchalant posts that encourage laughter and comfort keep your followers coming back for more. Especially with internal employees, it’s a great break in the workday and helps build a strong brand image.

Of Course..

Be Nice

This should go without saying, but even social media interaction and comments should be overall delightful and uplifting. Taking frustration out on a comment or user only reflects the negative state of mind. Not only will kindness reap rewards, but your audience will respect and support you and your online business. Keep your tone positive on and off your page!

Keep It


Especially for business purposes, consistent interaction and posting will take you a long way. Availability shows you are reliable to someone who may need it. Consistency creates value and novelty to your name and it shows you truly believe in your brand or product. This in turn will stimulate potential and accomplish achievements, kind of like a spark.

Key Element


Another aspect to keep in mind is the level you are responding and interacting. Are you posting interactive posts where viewers have the option to reply back? Are you asking their opinion and for their feedback? Rambling on in your Instagram caption isn’t as prone to getting traffic on your page, but responding back to comments and showing your audience you’re not an automated machine brings you credibility.

Strategies for

Promotion and Sales

Chalene Johnson, a physical fitness entrepreneur said, “Instagram is a gold mine, and you need more than one account because you are multi-faceted.” Build your brand and your company by promoting what you are passionate about. A business isn’t built on money and profit alone, but on common and shared interests and personalities.

Go Niche With What You

Offer and Attract

For business growth and personal reliability, make a thing out of the “weird” and atypical. You would be surprised how many viewers appreciate original niche content from noteworthy sources. This means thinking out of the box and talking about topics your brand or employees feel strongly about. Share images you think are worth discussing in your industry. It’s important to maintain your Instagram page purely for that specific genre.



With networking on Instagram, hashtags and pages you follow, like or comment on will be the type of content you will find in your search bar at the bottom menu. Liking pages with similar content to your brand will also allow your feed to strictly follow the subject matter. When you tag someone to a specific post, it’s a lot like introducing that person to your new friend, but in a social media setting.

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