On one end, stress in the workspace has been linked to health problems for employees ranging from metabolic syndrome to cardiovascular disease and mortality. In return, this stress leads to low morale and low productivity for the organization. With these four steps, you can improve your workplace environment and create a positive work culture for all those involved.

Step One: Promote Team-Building and Respect

A well-oiled machine needs to be able to rely on all the gears and gadgets that make it work. Establish the expectation of respect from the get go and continue to enforce it repetitively. Those who work together need to be able to depend on one another and know each other in a more personal light. Organize outside of work get-togethers where employees can become comfortable with each other one-on-one. Run a charity event company-wide. Connect people of common interests. Send out an employee newsletter with fun-facts included about every employee. There are so many simple ways to bring employees together and make the atmosphere at work so much more enjoyable.

Step Two: Treat Employees as One

It’s discouraging to other employees when one is favored over another. Balance encouragement and appreciation throughout the organization. Come up with standard punishment procedures for which each person will be held accountable. When everyone feels like they’re on an equal playing field, they will do their best to succeed.

Step Three: Encourage Discussions

Utilize the multitude of minds you have available. Building the numbers of those who are involved in a discussion will leave you with an abundance of ideas. There are so many ways to solve a problem and everyone thinks in different strategic methods. Bringing forth a variety of employees with different backgrounds, talents, and skills will project your capabilities as a company to the sky.

Step Four: Work as a Mentor

Think back to being in school: what teachers were you most likely to put your best foot forward for? It was those who explained things step by step and those who saw each student as an individual. The workplace is the same. Taking the time to cater to each individual’s needs is what a good mentor does. The workplace can often be a learning experience, and new employees could use help getting used to the curve. Take time to create a positive work environment and you will be paid back for it.

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