Say hello to your new right hand for conference calling: the Evoko Minto. They’re calling it the “new era of phone conferencing”. This silver disk has it all—patented sound improvement software, four directive microphones, top notch noise cancellation, and surreal speech enhancement all in one. Since the Evoko Minto knocks out all background noise with its state-of-the-art software capabilities, only what’s intended to be heard, is heard. No side conversations. No pen tapping. It’s all blocked out, just the way you want it to be. You can walk away from the device, onto the opposite side of the room, and it still sounds like you are mere inches away from those on the far end.

Evoko Minto Phone Conferencing Blog Post
Evoko Minto Phone Conferencing Blog Post

With it’s array of glowing colors, you and your Evoko will always be on the same page. Blue shows that the device is connected; purple shows it’s charging. The device goes green when the call is active and red when it’s muted. No questions asked in regards to what’s going on. You’ll always know when you can talk freely and when you’ll be heard. The worst moment in a conference call is trying to put someone on mute and being unsure if you’re able to speak without hesitation. A really fun color feature of the Evoko Minto is the hand swipe. With just the swipe of your hand over the device, you can mute it and the device will turn red. When you’re ready to talk again, all you do is swipe your hand over the device one more time and it will go green to show everyone in the room the call is on again.

Evoko Minto Phone Conferencing Blog Post Evoko Minto Phone Conferencing Blog Post

The device is charged by a couple different ways. One way of charging it is with a USB port. Another way is with a unique wall mount that you place the Evoko onto and within 6 hours it will be fully charged and ready for 8 hours of continuous talk time. Connect it to your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet in seconds through either Bluetooth or USB, and it’s good for a full workday’s load of usage. This disk is all about simplicity both in its appearance and functionality. On the Evoko there are only four buttons. One to turn the volume on, one to turn the volume down, one to power the device, and one to enable Bluetooth devices. Stress-free and easy to use, there will be no going back once the Evoko Minto walks into your board room.

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