Stock photography sites are taking over the business world. Coordinating a photo shoot can take up a hefty amount of money and time, making stock photo sites a great alternative. Many sites are free to use and once you get comfortable navigating them, it only takes seconds to find that perfect image. Whether it be for creating a visually-appealing presentation or adding some color to an otherwise dull webpage, using stock photography is an easy way to add life to any project. Here are five of the best free stock photo sites to use for your next venture.


Unsplash is great because all of the photos on this site have high resolution. There are more than 50,000 photos on this page that you are able to use for whatever project necessary. Once on the webpage, you can search different categories, follow photographers, and discover the new photos of the day. Unsplash is one of the leading sources for stock images and is a great place to start when looking for free stock images.

Best Free Stock Photo Sites Blog Post


Best Free Stock Photo Sites Blog Post

Freestocks is perfect for projects where you want original, one-of-a-kind photographs. Often times, when using stock photos, several sites use the same common images. Yet if you choose to use one of the photos on Freestocks, since this site is not as well known as others, your viewers will find the images you take from this site as refreshing and unique. Freestocks’ photographs will add a professional touch to all projects. These images are harder to identify as stock photos.


StockSnap is yet another amazing site with an incredible amount of photos to view, download and use freely. Something special about this site is that it tracks your views and downloads. This way, StockSnap can guide you to the perfect images for whatever you may need. The site is super easy to navigate altogether. Even with the hundreds of images added a day, you will never be lost here.

Best Free Stock Photo Sites Blog Post


Best Free Stock Photo Sites Blog Post

Just as all the other stock image sites mentioned, Pixabay is very user-friendly. Yet what makes this site stand out is that it has more than just a large selection of stock photos. It also has many accessible stock videos to choose from. Pixabay has over 1.2 million stock photographs and videos combined. Sounds like a lot of media to choose from? Don’t panic. Users can narrow down their search by picking their preferred media type, orientation, and size. That perfect picture you’re looking for is just one search away.

Negative Space

The stock photos on Negative Space are surely more artistic and creative than the pictures offered on your basic stock photo site. Use this site if you are looking for compelling images that will draw attention to viewers. The photographs on this site are thoughtful and well edited. These images are engaging and far from cliché.

Best Free Stock Photo Sites Blog Post
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