Bluescape thinks collaboratively. With a forward-thinking focus, this cloud-based software is the go-to discussion tool of the future. It’s a visual workspace made for shared responsibilities and a reliable resource for all fields from marketing to engineering. Bluescape allows teams to do a variety of tasks such as share screens, annotate documents and present projects. But best of all, it allows unlimited individual workspaces for multiple projects, tasks, or levels of access. No extra charges or fees to grow your discussion.

Bluescape's visual collaboration platform is one of those rare innovations where you see instantly that it's going to change how people work forever. By enabling teams anywhere to collaborate, iterate and develop in one persistent and cohesive workspace, Bluescape removes the boundaries to creativity within organizations and provides the flexibility and fluidity necessary to accelerate innovation.

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Bluescape Visual Workspace Blog Post

Bluescape accommodates to your lifestyle:

Bluescape works wherever your feet take you, fitting perfectly into the routine of your busy days and tight schedule. Whether you need to be at home taking care of your kids or at the airport about to board a flight, you can communicate with your team on the go using any internet enabled device. Bluscape knows you’re working against the clock. You are no longer limited to the walls of your office space. The possibilities are endless.

Bluescape is the best tool for global teams:

Bluescape connects users from all over the world. It can scale to all screen types and support all kinds of media and third party files from New York to Tokyo. Bluescape wants to bring the smartest minds together, and knows that being oceans away shouldn’t hinder the possibilities of worldwide connection. Working with someone on the other side of the Earth is only one short invite away.

Bluescape Visual Workspace Blog Post
Bluescape Visual Workspace Blog Post

Bluescape is user friendly:

Everything shared on Bluescape is stored instantly and securely so nothing becomes accidentally lost. Bluescape is easy to use so you don’t have to worry about being frustrated with learning to use the software and instead you can focus on forming the best possible problem solving techniques for your group.

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