It’s no secret that colors may gear the insides of our heads toward feeling different emotions. As you may know well, colors have the ability to sway our conception of an object because of their underlying associations to nature. Yet what most people are not as familiar with is how to use color science to create a space that promotes a productive atmosphere personalized for different tasks.

There are many complex roles that colors play in our emotions. Shades of reds and oranges are more arousing than cooler colors like shades of blues and greens. Yellow has been known to promote optimism and creativity. Some work environments require both arousal and creativity. Others require more arousal than creativity and vise versa. When a good portion of your day is spent in the workspace, you are going to want your surroundings to be colored reflecting your work ethic.

Color Science Neocon 2017 Blog Post Color Science Neocon 2017 Blog Post
Color Science Neocon 2017 Blog Post

This year’s Neocon event was far from shy when it came to colors. This change from the past is a step in the right direction because bland office colors such as gray and beige have been proved to make some feel depressed in the workspace, especially for women. Here are a few great quality colored products worth checking out from dealers we love. We have paired products with workspaces they would best fit based on their colors.

Orange: For the Physical Workspace

As said before, warm colors such as orange are arousing. Thus when surrounded by this color, human receptiveness is heightened. Heart rate and blood flow are increased. These tones can be great for a workspace that requires some physical activity. Reds and oranges are great pick-me-up colors for those who need that extra push of energy to get through the day. Yet for those who are on edge often, too much red in the workspace can be over-arousing, and therefore overwhelming. A soft orange such as this chair done by Haworth is perfect for most workspaces. Although it does offer warmth in color and provide energy, it’s cooler and a bit more on the calmer side than a vibrant, fire-like red would be.

Yellow: For the Artistic Workspace

Yellow is a positive color and the ideal pair for collaborative spaces.  It is associated with the sun and therefore connected to the endless possibilities of a new day. According to an article done by Entrepreneur, “It is believed to trigger innovation and is best used in work environments where artists, writers, designers, developers and other creative professionals work.” These Via Seating chairs are ideal for those who require both constant communication and artistic ideas in their work environment. It’s great for a workspace that encourages and rewards employees for their creativity.

Green: For the Presentation Workspace

Green is representative of nature and the circle of life. Green is known to be the color of trees and growth. Its soothing effect fits best in a setting where presentations take place. Worried of forgetting everything you rehearsed? No need. Green is known to be one of the least distracting colors and least straining on the eyes. You will be focused for the entirety of the presentation, pitching your ideas just as you intended to.

Blue: For the High Intensity Workspace

The color blue is best for an office space where high demand tasks are a constant. Not only does blue stimulate the mind, but it also has a strong calming effect. When one stresses, distractions come easy when their stressors domino over one another. Blue, the color of a peaceful ocean crashing to the shore or a summer’s cloudless sky over a picnic, is the color your workspace needs to bring you down to Earth when you feel like you’re buried beneath hundreds of emails and behind schedule on meetings.

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