Technology that is made in a simple, beautifully designed way completes the workspace. Highfive is just that; it makes meeting face-to-face over a screen no burden. The entire hardware only consists of 3 cables that you mount onto a flat screen TV or wall. Setup is done in minutes. Just connect the device to an HDMI cord, power and the internet. Open Highfive on your smart device to name and register it and you’re practically done. Keep scrolling to find out why Highfive Video Conferencing is the ideal video conferencing solution.

HD Video

Equipped with a low-light sensor that auto-adjusts exposure, there’s no need to waste thousands of dollars on any other video conference get-up. Highfive uses a wide-angle camera so the whole board room can be seen and involved in any discussion at hand. There won’t be any questioning on who is speaking at what time because, with the camera’s 120-degree field of view, everyone is displayed as they should be seen in real life.

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High Quality Audio

What draws people away from video conferencing is poor audio quality. There’s nothing worse than not being able to communicate with someone over a screen. With Highfive, it’s like talking to someone in the same room. Thanks to Highfive being powered by Dolby Voice, this device gives its users foolproof sound, absolute clarity, and no background noise bothering the conversation with Optimal echo Cancellation.

Easy to Use

Confusion is a thing of the past. Users will always be in the know on how to join a Highfive video call. There’s no pins, never a passcode to discover, no downloads required to overtake one’s hard drive. All it takes is a Google Chrome browser to respond to calls. A fast and simple method to connecting.

Reasonable Pricing

You know exactly what you’re putting money into. A lot of video conferencing applications and devices will require users to pay per meeting, per host, and have extended user fees. With Highfive, you don’t have to worry about the company expanding because the device is priced per room. So you can keep growing and not have to be penalized for your company developing.

Workspace Digital offers a full range of technology for your workspace – including Highfive. Take advantage of our affordable packages and accelerate your progress in the digital space by connecting with us today.

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