While the design and function of a website can speak volumes about a company, your audience isn’t going to continue visiting the site for the attractive color palette and parallax scrolling effect. They’re only going to come back for new and engaging content. The aim of content is to drive people to your site, keep them coming, and encourage interactions from them. These interactions can be social (e.g. liking or commenting on a post) or they can be monetary (e.g. buying a product). The key to successful and engaging content production is balance. How much should your topics vary? How many different voices should you have producing content? The answers to these questions, and several more, are on a sliding scale. No answers are set in stone, but there are limits on either side to consider. Here’s how often you should post content to your website:

How often should you post?

You want to post often enough to stay relevant. Attention spans are short, and there are a plethora of distractions online. According to Internet Live Stats, every second there are 64,909 Google Searches, 72,423 YouTube videos viewed, 2,660,442 emails sent and 7,908 Tweets sent.  That’s a lot of competition for your audience’s attention.

At the same time, you should post content sparingly enough that your audience isn’t annoyed or overwhelmed. This is especially important if you have people subscribing to content via email or some other system with notifications; nobody wants their phone to chime every couple hours.

The final factor to consider when determining your post frequency is the time commitment each post demands of the consumer. If you’re publishing tweets or 15-second video clips, deploying a handful of them a day is fine. If you’re posting long, in-depth articles, stick to a few per week. Which brings us to our next point…

What should you post?

“Content” is a broad term that can include social media posts, newsletters, articles, images and video. Often, it is helpful to have a little variety in the media you use to keep people interested.

That being said, a little goes a long way. Adding a few high-quality photos to your articles may be all you need to make your content more attractive. Audiences like consistency. When someone goes to a book reviewer site, he wants to see articles. When someone goes to a blog for a camera manufacturer, she wants to see photos and videos. If you vary the media you use too much, people will never know what to expect when they visit your site, and they’ll feel lost.

Engaging Content How Often You Should Post Blog Post

The Final Word

When making successful content, there may be a dozen other questions to consider, but it all boils down to two simple rules: know your audience, and stay true to your brand. If you follow these two rules, you’ll be on your way to building a quality body of work that keeps people coming back for more.

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