Google Adwords isn’t the affordable option that it used to be as it’s easy for smaller and mid-sized businesses to get priced out. Not to mention the fact that Google itself says that Adwords is complicated, and the billing is far from simple. It is wise to mix up strategies and advertisement avenues.

SEO should not be completely avoided – there is a growing number of affordable alternatives to Google Adwords. Also, Google Adwords isn’t a complete waste of time and money either, if the budget is there. SEO, even with the targeting options, can have a more general reach, and no SEO strategy is fraudulent-click proof, not to mention the rampant competition.

Become A Sponsor

YouTube recently changed it’s algorithm, and creators need a new source of revenue as this change in the algorithm has disrupted many creator’s channel’s traditional stream of income. Sponsoring relevant content in your niche is a great way to reach an intended audience as the audience is already there.

Video Ads

Eggs In The Same Basket google adwords Blog Post Optimizing YouTube for Business YouTube Video Creation Blog Post

YouTube ads are relevant and accessible to most businesses, and a steal compared to more traditional outlets. The downside is that ads could appear on videos they really shouldn’t appear on. However, video is the most popular means of reaching people. It’s a necessary risk worth taking.

Blog & Website Ads

Blogs and websites also have ad space and this option can cost as little as $15/month for a top of the page banner ad. Banner ads are a more traditional way of visually displaying ads, but still an effective outlet for today’s day and age. With websites that have a high user base or large flow of traffic, having a banner ad can ensure that the intended message hits a specific audience.

Social Media Advertising

Eggs In The Same Basket google adwords Blog Post

Facebook is the king of social media advertising because they do it well at a good price. But it’s far from the only player in the game. LinkedIn is an excellent platform to display B2B ads and Instagram allows a more creative approach to displaying ad content.


Influencers are huge on the internet and social media meaning influencers have a large organic following, reach and impressions. Tapping into an influencers audience can yield huge dividends and can make a simple ad go viral overnight.

Plus, the influencer is also a person who other people trust and invest in. People trust other people more when they recommend something, because it’s not perceived as a sales pitch. Influencers come at a cost, but the right one can cause quite the boost.

Don’t stop keying in on keywords, just remember that they’re not always the key, or only key. Locks can be picked, or doors left ajar can be kicked down if there’s a sales quota.

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