Imagine having the ability to capture all the information you need for every delivery that runs through your business. Envoy delivers products to help streamline the basic tasks of your business, such as easier sign-in features and visitor management. If you’re a business with a mailroom of any size, Envoy Deliveries can help you record deliveries and notify recipients at a simple snap of a photo. Here’s what you need to know.

Easily Log All Deliveries

Envoy Deliveries gives fast and easy access on all updates for your office deliveries and inventory changes. With built-in optical recognition, you can quickly snap a photo of any shipping label and record new deliveries. Envoy “reads” your labels to help you identify the recipients.

If you ever had issues with record keeping or label maintenance, Envoy Deliveries has you covered. You can easily track any shipping details for each delivery, as every entry is automatically added in your searchable delivery log.

Generate Automatic Notifications

Set notifications on all delivery touchpoints for your business and receive a detailed email or Slack notification for all arriving deliveries.

Follow-up reminders are generated automatically to give recipients ample time to pick up any lingering deliveries. If the recipients are out of the office, they have the option to snooze notifications, which may run useful during busy times.

Manage Everything For Your Inventory

Envoy Deliveries is suitable for all your needs in delivery management. You can easily set requirements on your deliveries – such as sign-ins for packages, or photo setting for labels and recipients for additional accountability.

All features can be managed in a searchable inventory, which records key details like recipient name, arrival date, pickup status and more and adds a layer of security to your delivery management process.

Get started today on delivery management through Envoy Deliveries by talking to the experts at our Workspace Digital Tech team.
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