The Evoko Liso makes conference time easier on every employee. As a digital calendar and touch screen device, there has never been anything simpler to use for scheduling. Its elegant design fits perfectly in every office space. With the Evoko Liso’s slim appearance, you hardly realize it’s there until you need it. Sleek, bright, and supportive. Who knew an organizational device could look so sophisticated and be so relaxed?

No More Double Bookings

When you are ready to communicate and meet with your group, you know exactly what time is available to do so and where in your workspace you can meet. With the Evoko Liso there are never double-booked rooms. You won’t find yourself interrupting a meeting or forgetting when a conference call is. The Evoko Liso answers all your conference room related questions.

Evoko Liso Digital Calendar Blog Post
Evoko Liso Digital Calendar Blog Post

Minimal Installation

This digital calendar is powered over Ethernet for convenient installation. There are no additional plug-ins or software to control. This set up was made stress-free with no training required so you can get to scheduling your next meeting sooner. With this appliance, your company will fully be able to make decisions with ease and optimize all resources. It will change the culture of meeting time.

Meeting Time Made Easy

Not only is the device easy to set up, it’s easy to use. The display of the screen changes when someone walks up to it. Once the screen adjusts, you are able to search for room accessibility based on time, size, and equipment. You are also able to book, extend or cancel a meeting directly on the device. When you want quick and easy answers, the Evoko Liso also includes a feature where it will glow a green light around its perimeter if the room is open and a red light if it’s in use.

Evoko Liso Digital Calendar Blog Post
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