When writing and publishing blog posts onto websites that are built on WordPress, the first question that comes to mind when editing any draft is how much is too much content? In marketing, this should be a primary focus. Here are a couple of tips that are make or break for your words to pop out, not pop back in.

Short, but Sweet!

This mantra is common place in the worlds of journalism and marketing/advertisement writing. A lot of marketing professionals are often confused about what “short, but sweet” really means. It isn’t solely about word count (obviously keep your word count in check), but it’s the use of words. Wordiness nowadays can be a writer’s greatest nemesis. For example, instead of saying:

“This product is going to ignite the already wonderful and exciting world of electronics!”


“This product is going to ignite the world of electronics”

Or even better:

“This product will ignite the world of electronics.”

Like the example shown, adding more words to each sentence only turns off readers, not attracts them. Simple changes like the example above can make a huge difference.

Do Your Research!

“Research” is a broad term, but it is key to the validity of any article. Research is more than data, statistics, and cited sources. Research applies to looking at different articles around the web, possibly blogs you know have a lot of followers.

Don’t copy, but instead piece together key aspects of the different articles and try to infuse them with your own original writing. Ask yourself questions like, “How does this stand out? What are the key phrases or ‘buzz words’ being used?”

Content Schedule

Writing content and piecing it together is only half the battle. One hugely important aspect that must be considered is the frequency of which posts are published. A common term for this is “content schedule.”

The most successful blogs have content that is scheduled to publish at set interval times that don’t overbear the reader. For example, depending on an industry’s target audience, releasing three articles a day might be too much, but releasing one every day, or even every other day, will help the target audience not feel overwhelmed with the amount of content posted.

The Final Word

All in all, there are many more ways to improve on not only the quality of content, but the quantity of it as well. Whether it’s taking down wordiness, studying other writer’s blogs and seeing what they’re doing that you’re not doing, or creating a steady content calendar, these are all vital for starting off a great article in almost any sense. 

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