Some people are capable of working, studying or simply sleeping through noisy environments, but if you’re like most people, you may be more tuned in with specific noises and areas that provide you optimum comfort and productivity. If that’s the case you might want to consider looking into the benefits of white noise.

What Is It?

White noise is an even combination of all of the different frequencies of sound within the range of normal hearing. Since we can use colors to not only describe different kinds of light – such as white light – we can describe different kinds of noise in the same manner.

White noise changes the immediate background sound you hear, as the overall level of sound in the environment is higher. The resulting sound quality is featureless and balanced, and allows the mind to avoid being heavily alerted to audio stimuli and to relax steadily.

Apps like Binaural and Noisli and other white noise devices allow you to utilize different forms of ambient noise – such as the sound of rain, coffee shops, forests, or music – to help your brain waves sync with the frequency of the specific noise. This results in a change in your mental performance by changing the length of your brainwaves to create a personalized sound environment to help you focus or relax.

Benefits of White Noise

A study in the Journal of Consumer Research showed that a consistently low-level ambient noise can increase creativity and focus. Deploying white noise machines in your day-to-day life can help you build supportive routines that aid you if you have trouble concentrating or falling asleep.

Noise in the office space can be easily managed according to Harvard Business Review, where individuals who benefit from the white noise in the office can help mask most distractions at work and while sleeping. These machines buffer disturbing sounds and create a quiet ‘mental’ shield, helping you obtain a higher level of focus or relief, regardless of your surroundings.

Evidence from both scientific research and anecdotes highlight how listening to white noise helps people improve their own concentration and creativity, but relies heavily on personal preference. It depends entirely on you, the kind of white noise you listen to, and the environment you place yourself in, when taking advantage of the benefits.

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