If you’ve ever been in a conference call with other remote workers, you’ve probably felt a bit awkward at times. Problems can occur at any time, such as poor connection or reduced audio and visual quality, which can delay your meetings and take time away from important business. With Meeting Owl, you can focus on virtual conferencing catered around remote employees and easily align everyone involved.

Inclusive Software For Every Remote Worker

Meeting Owl was conceived when Owl Labs’ co-founder and CTO Mark Schnittman found it difficult to collaborate remotely with his fellow employees. At the time, current video conferencing tools failed to provide an inclusive experience for remote workers. The Meeting Owl was designed to become the new eyes and ears for remote meetings. Everyone gets a better feel of the room as if they’re actually there.

Optimized for the Modern Meeting

The Meeting Owl’s intelligent software provides a 360° panoramic view of your meetings and helps show all team members. You no longer need to ask coworkers to move a camera, since the software instantly shifts for you so the remote person always has a close up of the conversation.

The Meeting Owl holds 8 omnidirectional echo-cancelling microphones, which automatically focuses on the current speaker using Beamforming technology. This helps ensure you hear the important things in your meetings.

Simple and Engaging Collaboration

The Meeting Owl works with your current setup and easily connects via USB. No additional downloads or installs are required, as it naturally works across all web-based conferencing platforms.

Any collaborative team – such as engineering, product, marketing, and design teams –  can utilize the Meeting Owl’s simple and engaging setup for their next meeting.

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