Mondopad: a collaboration solution. It’s an interactive digital whiteboard and document annotator, but it’s also a product that helps teams communicate with one another from all over the world. Share, view, control and create from any device whether it be a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Mondopad Collaboration Solution Blog Post
Mondopad Collaboration Solution Blog Post

Need-to-know features that come with the Mondopad are HD video calling and easy-to-use data sharing. Everyone on your team will be on the same page when each group member is able to access the same screen to express their ideas through drawing in their preferred color, inserting text, or placing images. You’ll be able to write directly on all your documents, web pages, photographs and videos while your teammates can do the same. Working together, working efficiently.

Sizes of the Mondopad models range from 57 to 85 inches. Each model of the Mondopad comes with different software and touch screen capabilities. However, all include a keyboard and a mouse with purchase of your Mondopad. For a limited time, Mondopad includes a subscription to ConX Cloud. It’s a cloud-based video software for conferencing with larger groups. The subscription includes up to 3 people for a whole year’s worth of video collaboration. Through your Mondopad, you can run essentially any application that works on Windows 7.  

Mondopad Collaboration Solution Blog Post
Mondopad Collaboration Solution Blog Post

When you’re ready to join a video call, all you have to do is go to the ConX Cloud and hit “join”. The ConX Whiteboard will then appear. You’ll be able to see and hear your coworkers in real time editing content, and discussing their additions to the cloud. This elegant touchscreen system is something you’ll never want to edit your documents or meet with team members without.

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