In today’s day and age, the social media marketing team has become vital to the success of a company. Without an online presence, the company is often thought of as to be less trustworthy in the eye of outsiders. Over a quarter of individuals say brands that are active on social media are more “human”, meaning they appear more approachable and helpful by having real conversations with customers online.

Social media has the ability to unlock doors to new audiences and give you a truly unique way to engage with those talking about your brand. Depending on the size of your company, you may need a larger or smaller online presence, but regardless of the size, each of these key roles of the social media marketing team should be filled.

Content Creator:

Content Creators are the heart of the social media team. They’re the one, just like their name suggests, that create the content you will be posting and representing your company. This works especially well when the content creator(s) is tasked with collecting and creating content alone without being distracted by other duties. The things you post serve as an online portrayal of your company: what you stand for and what you’re about. This heightens the importance of the quality of the content you’re putting out there. Content marketing strategies are critical to your business and having those members work with social media engagement could be a huge success. Find out more about how to get started in Content Marketing here.

Social Media Manager:

The second your team is more than one person, there needs to be a manager. One of the tasks of a Social Media Manager includes scheduling and collecting posts. By planning posts, you’re able to specialize the type of content being released to correlate with developments within your company like new products, announcements, and other timely news. A social media manager is much like a promoter of content, who uses their understanding of reach, engagement, posting techniques and the way that different social networks function as a whole to inflate your content and boost referral traffic to your website. Additionally, the manager delegates what type of content is needed to keep a mix present online.

Public Relations:

The directness of social media stands to be one of the most positive and negative parts of the experience. “Internet trolls” are everywhere; having someone on your team who knows how to properly respond to the situation is crucial. In addition to navigating rough waters, PR experts create relationships with other companies or organizations that assist in the expansion of your own brand.

There is no “golden number” of people to have on your social media team, but starting with these three roles, even if it’s just one person, will put you ahead of the game.

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