Having a distributed workforce can be extremely beneficial for a company if done the right way. It is estimated that approximately a quarter of the United States is working remotely according to GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics.com. That being said, there’s a few things you must consider before hiring employees that won’t be present every single day at the office. Ahead of time, come up with a thorough and straight-forward plan so everyone is on the same page in terms of expectations. Here’s some ground points on remote employees for you and your team to consider:

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1. Self-Motivation

Some people need a little push and shove. Those who are working in an office space are motivated by the people around them to be productive and work-oriented. They can come to their boss’ office with questions. They have a set daily routine where they are expected to come in and put their best foot forward. Make sure you establish to remote employees the work load and the time commitment beforehand so they know exactly what is expected of them. One must be internally driven to thrive as an off-site member of the company.

2. Talent Access

When you open your hiring to the entire country instead of just the city where your business resides, your options expand. You are given a much bigger pool of applicants to choose from. You are able to be picky when it comes to the skills and experiences you are looking for. In addition, you obtain a wider variety of viewpoints and opinions from the diverse group. This gives your company an advantage when it comes to a multitude of things. When your employees all think differently due to their separate lifestyles, creativity will expand, problem solving will be more in-depth, styles will combine. Growth will happen.

3. Work Culture

A work culture is developed on shared values and beliefs. When everyone is in the same space, employees have an opportunity to know the culture—and know it well. They interact naturally. They get to know each other on a personal level. They use the same coffee machines and printers. The work culture of an office like this is easily grasped. Although it’s not impossible to incorporate remote workers into the office’s work culture, it’s just difficult to do so authentically. Team members need additional exposure to one another and often times that may be limited due to various time zones and other conflicting variables.

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