With the growth of technology, businesses have been able to come up with less demanding alternatives for their practices. Yet the custom of signing ones name at the bottom of an email has remained the very same.

Professionalism and proof of identification remains prevalent as much as ever. After all, your name represents who you are, your trademark, and from a brand/marketing perspective, who you are associated with and representing.

So here are a few tips on email signatures:

Understanding Its Purpose

Email signatures are meant as a tool. Complete strangers, who have never met you in person, can use email signatures to get to know more about you and the company. An email signature can include links to a company’s website, phone number, and important projects. The chances of you and your company living in obscurity are only diminished with brand recognition as well as readers becoming potential customers/followers.

Center Around Your Identity

Tips on Email Signautres Proof of Identification Blog Post Email Marketing Campaigns List Building Blog Post

Email signatures should feature uniformity when it comes to representing one’s company. No one employee should have a different branded signature with different color schemes and fonts, as it looks sloppy and might confuse visitors who are engaging via email. Instead, make one master template and within that template have set guidelines and best practices on how to utilize the template.

Tips on Email Signautres Proof of Identification Blog Post

One tactic to consider when creating branded email signatures is the use of a headshot. When your headshot is included at the bottom of an email or website, then the visitor’s temporal lobe will evaluate the features of your face, which will only increase the chances of you being remembered by the reader. You are no longer just a written name on a text; you are now “Alex, the dark-haired man who wears glasses and is in his mid-to-late 30s.”

Avoid Unprofessional Photos

If you do decide to include a picture of yourself, make sure you’re wearing appropriate attire and give off a friendly/welcoming appearance by smiling. Although “profile descriptions are helpful, at a first glance, research reveals that expressions matter,” Patrick argues while referencing Bar et al’s case study.

Thus leading to Patrick concluding “when choosing pictures for an online profile, consider the impact of selecting photographs depicting a neutral expression, versus pictures showing positive emotion—such as smiling or laughing with family or friends.” With that being said, don’t choose a photo of you and your dog or, even worse, you at a party. Leave that for sites like Facebook or Instagram.

Tips on Email Signatures Proof of Identification Blog Post

How to Create an Email Signature

There are hundreds of apps and generators that the internet offers. Some of the best choices and mainstream ones, according to PickaWeb, might include: MySignature, ZippySig, Newoldstamp, Wisestamp, and Hubspot, just to name a few. If you do decide to make an email signature, don’t be afraid to explore these generators on your own to decide which one is best for you.

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