Being up-to-date with business trends ensures long term success to companies. Therefore, do not get stuck in 2018 business habits and continue 2019 right by embracing change. Here are the business trends of 2019 that are changing the way marketing, payments, and ordering online are being done.

Personalized Marketing

Marketing is always changing and this year it is no different. The main marketing trends for 2019 are personalized marketing and review forums. Personalized marketing allows businesses to create a better and closer relationship with customers. It can create a better relationship with consumers since the right information is provided to the right person. When a customer is presented with personalized emails, ads or text messages, they respond more positively.

When incorporating email personalization into a marketing strategy, it helps customers identify with the content provided and think that the email was custom-made for them. Keep in mind, now more than ever consumers are using their mobile devices to make product or service purchases and the right marketing must be provided at their fingertips. By personalizing marketing, not only do consumers feel special but they feel understood and catered to.

Review Forums

2019 Digital Trends Feedback

Another part of marketing that businesses must keep up with are review forums. Review forums can make or break a product or service and are the new word-of-mouth. Now more than ever, customers can provide their upmost sincere opinion about the products and services they purchase for the whole world to see. Not only are customers providing feedback on businesses, but they are taking into consideration another customer’s review before making a purchase.

Review forums are swaying more than “95% of online customers” into making a purchase. Reviews are now able to be found on all social media platforms, businesses’ websites, YouTube, and Google. Keep up with reviews of your business to help you understand the pros and cons of a product or service. Utilize the review forums in your marketing strategy to persuade prospective consumers into making a purchase.

Payment Options

Next, the way consumers make payments has evolved and it does not show any sign of stopping. The more payment options a business can provide customers, the more likely a purchase will be made. With millennials wanting everything at their fingertips, mobile devices are becoming the wallet of today. No longer are customers interested or even willing to take out their wallet to get their credit cards/cash out, they are looking into contactless credit card payments. A simple tap or wave to suffice a transaction. The more mobile devices are used to make purchases, the more mobile cyberattacks can be expected in the upcoming years. Start anticipating ways to provide secure purchases through mobile devices. With diverse payment options and good mobile cyber security, a business can expect the satisfaction of customers and sales to go up.

Fast, Free Shipping

Lastly, ordering online is changing and looking in favor of free and fast shipping. Customers are making their purchases based on who is providing better shipping options. The cheaper and faster, the better. Lots of e-commerce giants like Amazon, Walmart and Target were using their shipping deals to battle against one another to win over customers during the 2018 Black Friday. Shipping tactics are also evolving into businesses trying to maintain brand quality, owning customer data and improving the entire shipping experience.

2019 Business Trends Articles Shipping

2019 brings a lot of changes in marketing, payments, and ordering online. Businesses need to adapt and implement those changes into their company and business strategies in order to grow and ensure long term success. Do not fall behind, it is always harder to catch up than to keep up. Here’s to a profitable new year!

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