With over 313 million users from over 200 countries, LinkedIn has a great network worth utilizing. Whether it be promoting your business or attracting future employees, LinkedIn is one of the most powerful communication platforms for business. Before you jump in, you will need to pay attention to these three LinkedIn features all great companies know well.

Inspire, empower, listen & appreciate. Practicing any one of these can improve employee engagement; mastering all four can change the game.

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Participate in Groups

Join groups that are similar to your organization or field. Through LinkedIn groups, you can be involved with ongoing conversations relative to your industry. Make connections and use this tool to grow your network. You also may want to promote your business here. Be sure not to spam and always provide useful commentary to the group.

Post Advertisements

LinkedIn is full of educated individuals focusing on bettering themselves. From this site, you are able to target your advertisements to people of certain areas of study and levels of degrees. You can even target an ad to attract graduates from specific colleges. Since these qualifications are in most users’ profiles, the targeting is pretty accurate. In addition, LinkedIn is also a reasonably-priced platform to post ads regarding your business.

Build Your Brand

You can use this platform to create what LinkedIn calls “a company page”. Here you can include news articles and blog postings. You will also want to provide a strong, captivating bio describing your company’s mission and values. Prospective employees and potential partner organizations will come to this page for key information on your company. Give them interesting and engaging content worthy of following your page.

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