Texting in business is commonly viewed as a distraction. For the good and the bad, most people are inseparable from their devices and find it difficult to part with them even for minutes. Although our smart devices may sway our attention, businesses are finding that texting can improve company productivity and communication. Of course, there needs to be a balance between the time spent communicating on and off our devices, but by muting your friends and family during the day (using a do not disturb feature), you can focus your attention on company interaction via text messaging. Here’s how the relationship between texting and business can improve workplace productivity.

Emails Can Be Stress-Inducing

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Believe it or not, only one-third of emails are opened. While email will surely be around for a long time, opening emails has become a stressful and time-consuming activity, especially with all the junk emails sent on a daily basis. Some people procrastinate looking at their emails because of the heavy material often unleashed upon opening. Important news needs to be delivered and understood by the receiver in an efficient and timely manner. If something ground-breaking happens, it may be useful to send the initial information to whom it may concern and follow up with a more information-heavy email. Even if your employees are great with checking emails, it’s far more likely that they will be ready to open a text first.

Texting is a Personal Communication Tool

Texting in Business Texting and Business Blog Post

Texting also promotes a more relaxed and open work culture. When it comes to the small nitty-gritty tasks and responsibilities that you need an employee to do, consider sending them a text reminder. It’s a supportive and more casual way to reach out to someone. It’s not the best idea to rely solely on texting for work plans, but when it comes to quick and easy messages, texting can be a great resource. Not only will it save you time from drafting up an official detached email, but it will make employees more comfortable when it comes down to communicating collaborative ideas with the company. Since texting is a more personal form of interaction, the employee will feel valued from receiving a text from you.

People are on Their Phones Constantly Already

Texting in Business Texting and Business Blog Post

Americans check their phones 46 times a day. Unsurprisingly, across all age groups, individuals are even checking their phone within the first few minutes of waking up. It’s far too easy to scroll subconsciously, ignoring email subject lines or social media notifications. Yet when it comes to text notifications, those are much more difficult to overlook. Our phones have become a great tool for a variety of obligations. We are able to pay our groceries with the press of a button on our phones. We map our every direction. We are able to see the faces of people we know across the world in real time. We rely on this instrument for everything. Texting is only going to become bigger in the workplace. There are so many new technologies emerging, it can be overwhelming. Using something your employees already know so well (such as texting) can be a relief from time to time.

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