So you have a website up and running. Great! But how do you know if its performing well, or if it’s getting lost among the Internet static? Using a ranking tool, such as Alexa Market Rankings or MozRank, can help identify opportunities to drive traffic to your website, improve the SEO and ultimately refine your company’s marketing strategy to get the most “bang for your buck.”

Basically, knowing the aspects that make your website perform well and where it needs help will improve website performance, letting it do what it was designed to do – act as a virtual salesperson and brand emissary, and connecting your business to potential clients. So, lets talk about MozRank and Alexa Market Rankings and how these tools can improve your website’s visibility.


MozRank, created by SEOMoz in 2004, is one of the market standards in Internet ranking. Using a logarithmic scale, it assigns a popularity score to a website. It uses a rank of 1 – 10 (10 being most popular), although an average score of 3 is considered good. The rank represents the importance of links on your website, determined primarily by the numbers and quality of the other pages that link to your website. The more inbound links a page has, the higher the MozRank.

MozRank will also identify companies that are in a better ranking position in major search engines. Compiling links from many popular pages, MozRank can be used to compare competitors’ websites and get ideas for planning new SEO strategies, because it allows the user to get a better picture of other websites as well as what keywords they are using to drive traffic. Giving a snapshot of that site’s pages and keywords will give insight into what is most useful at that moment in time.

Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank is another tool available to improve a website’s visibility. Created by, a subsidiary of Amazon, its rank shows how popular a website is compared to others in its category. Using a simple algorithm, this platform audits frequency of visitors and makes the results public. According to its website, Alexa stores data on the online browsing behavior of 300+ million Internet pages. Those among the top 100,000 ranked sites in the Alexa system are considered to be performing well. A higher Alexa rank means more visitors, and, potentially, higher sales.

However, Alexa does have a downside: it only takes into account data received from users of their proprietary toolbar and browser extensions, which may skew results. Also, it doesn’t rank subpages within a domain, merely the top-level domain, or “homepage.” And the results aren’t foolproof – some users have figured out “workarounds” to manipulate data and improve their website’s rank. Therefore, the data is not 100% reliable, due to that potential manipulation and a lower number of total website Alexa covers. However, it can be used as a comparison tool, giving businesses a range to use between multiple ranking data sets.

Ultimately, the goal of any business website is to generate more traffic and sales. Having a high Internet rank is certainly helpful, but many experts believe that other aspects are important as well, such as keeping the website up to date, providing complete and useful information, and utilizing top-quality guest-posters from reputable sources. But using a ranking tool can give excellent insight into a business website’s effectiveness, and help generate solid ideas for maximizing your website’s overall performance in the marketplace.

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