Most people have heard the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words”…

If this is true, then a second of video shot at 30 frames (pictures) per second would be worth 30,000 words (or 1.8 million words a minute). Ironically, this makes most major motion pictures (usually shot at 24 frames per second) worth 1.44 million words – only 80% of the 30 frames per second material that makes up most web video! And for all you slow motion fans… shoot at 60 frames per second and you’ll double the worth of your video for a whopping 3.6 million words!

So the next time someone questions the power of digital video, hit them with the fact that they’d need at least 12,857 tweets (assuming each consisted of 140 one letter words) or to write 2.29 King James Version Bibles (783,137 words each) just to compare to one minute of your amazing video content!

And just think about the benefit to your audience!

The average adult reads prose text at 250 to 300 words per minute (Wikipedia). This means they’d need to read text for 100 hours at their top speed to ingest the same information in your one-minute video.

Your video content will even put auctioneers (250 words per minute according to a Cengage Learning study) and John Maschitta Jr. (Guinness World Record holder for world’s fastest speaker at 586 words per minute) to shame. You’d need 3,072 generations of Maschittas all talking at the same time to beat out your one minute video!

As with the picture being worth a thousand words, this is not meant to be a literal comparison. But make no mistake… digital video is a powerhouse medium. Harnessing its power doesn’t come overnight… but once you understand its capabilities, the avenues for opportunity are endless!

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