Wireless charging technology has become one of the most practical and reliable ways to charge practically anything. Whether or not you’ve jumped on the wireless charging bandwagon, it’s undeniable that freedom from relying on struggling to find an outlet has revolutionized technology.

Wireless Charging Technology Blog Post
Wireless Charging Technology Blog Post

How does wireless charging technology work?

Basically when an electric current passes the device’s inductor—a loop of wires around a magnet—an electromagnetic field is generated. Through the electromagnetic field, devices can transfer energy charge to another device. 

There are many factors that make wireless charging especially attractive to consumers. Here are just a few of our favorites:


For one, having easy accessibility to a charging source is huge. Wireless charging technology works around what best fits your personal needs. Instead of having to move from where you’re comfortable to be closer to an outlet, most workspaces with wireless charging stations will have them built into conference tables and desking stations.

Wireless Charging Technology Blog Post
Wireless Charging Technology Blog Post

Waterproof Capability

Another perk of wireless charging hotspots is that they are waterproof. Say you need to do a design project near your wireless charge station that could cause a bit of a mess or everyone at the office wants to do a lunch in the board room. You wouldn’t need to figure out some odd, elaborate method to cleaning your work station. You can easily wipe the spot down with a wet cloth without worrying about disrupting your wireless charging source.

Visual Appeal

The adaptation of technology has meant that aesthetically things keep getting better. Phones, television screens, and laptops continue to get smaller, sleeker, and more sophisticated. With wireless charging there’s less clutter since you’re dealing with less cords. Also, most hot spots aren’t bulky by any means and are usually very attractive and visually appealing. They look like the future-forward-thinking device that they are. Thus adding a professional and qualified look to your work environment.

Wireless Charging Technology Blog Post
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