It’s time to explore a few Haworth products that will shake up the way you collaborate, present, and share information in the workspace. By incorporating Haworth Workware into your work environment, not only will the space look more visually appealing, but it will help employees expand their office-time capabilities.

Workware Wireless

Workware Wireless allows users to wirelessly share content on any device. Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac, it’s the perfect collaborative tool for any business. With its stunning 1080p image quality and freedom from cables, it eliminates stress from group projects and remote communication. You can share your entire screen or just specific content through this unlimited simultaneous sharing software. It keeps the group focused and the workspace free from clutter.

Haworth Workware Collaborative Tool Blog Post
Haworth Workware Collaborative Tool Blog Post

Workware Cabled

Through this easy-to-use interface, you can tailor to the needs of your shared work destination. Although cables are evidently required, you get to pick where the cables connect to. The Workware Cabled interface provides state-of-the-art power and sharing capabilities. You can combine Workware Cabled with Workware Wireless to switch between the two connections by the touch of a finger through the corresponding Workware Cabled Interface Module.

Workware View

You just simply cannot go wrong when choosing to use Haworth wall mounts, mobile easels, and table mounts. Showcase presentations, video rolls, and practically anything from the screens of these products. The display possibilities are endless. Combine them with Haworth furniture to create a beautifully modern aesthetic to the workspace. You can pick from a variety of monitor sizes to find the perfect fit for your office’s needs.

Haworth Workware Collaborative Tool Blog Post
Workspace Digital offers a full range of technology for your workspace – including Haworth Workware. Take advantage of our affordable packages and accelerate your progress in the digital space by connecting with us today.

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