There are billions of people using social media every day, one popular social media platform being Facebook. Here are 10 important Facebook facts that make it valuable to growing a business, growing a blog, and marketing.

10 Important Facebook Facts

1. Facebook has a Massive User Base

The first of many important Facebook facts is its massive user base. According to Statista, the current monthly active users for Facebook worldwide is 2.196 billion, which makes Facebook vital to reaching a big audience. Facebook pages can be useful to blogs, businesses, or products because people can like the page and share it with others.

2. Facebook's Demographics are Wide Ranging

There is a wide range of demographics on Facebook with the billions of active users. Pew Research Center states that 68% of all U.S. adults, 62% of men, 74% of women, 81% of adults ages 18-29, 78% ages 30-49, 65% ages 50-64, and 41% ages 65 and over use Facebook. There are many different audiences that can be targeted who have different interests. This can be useful in targeting an audience for blogs or products that involve specific topics such as cars, beauty, technology, or traveling.

3. Facebook is a Global Platform

Facebook is a social media platform that encompasses many countries throughout the world. Maddy Osman states, 85% of Facebook’s daily active users come from outside the US and Canada. The three biggest countries are India, Brazil, and Indonesia. This makes Facebook important for businesses that want to expand internationally or bloggers that want to reach a more diverse audience.

4. Facebook is Available in Many Languages

There are numerous languages available for Facebook making it accessible to people throughout the world. It has over 70 different languages to accommodate their global user base. Reaching a global audience is extremely vital, which proves the necessity of making pages and posts available in multiple languages.

5. Facebook is Great for Brand Awareness

One of the multitude of Facebook facts that often get overlooked is the platform’s ability to create brand awareness. According to Osman, people spend an average of 35 minutes on Facebook each day… people access Facebook an average 8 times per day. This results in people viewing pages, posts, or advertisements every day which can result in a brand being in the back of people’s minds daily. 39% of people follow a page for special offers, 32% of people engage with brands regularly, and 5 billion comments are left on pages every month. People will begin to prefer brands that they can engage with or receive good deals on products.

6. Facebook is Constantly Growing

This social media platform is consistently growing with new users signing up every day. Dan Shewan says, 8 people join Facebook every second adding up to 7,246 every 15 minutes. This continuous growth results in new potential people that businesses and bloggers can target. Businesses and blogs can continue to grow if they properly target those new users.

7. Ideal Times to Make Posts

There are certain times of the day that are ideal for making posts to maximize audience engagement. There is about 88% more engagement for Facebook posts that are made between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. EST. This can be crucial to reaching audiences at the best time, so people are more aware of your brand.

8. Utilizing Video Posts is Important

One of the key takeaways when using Facebook is using the best post format that will receive the most engagement. According to Shewan, on average, videos receive 89.5 shares per video, significantly higher share counts than photos or text-based posts. It would be beneficial to make video posts on pages more often than other formats to engage your target audience more.

9. Facebook is an Important Marketing Tool

It is an important social media platform for marketing. Gordon Donnelly states, Facebook Pages posts average 2.6% organic reach and 62% of marketers say it is the most important social platform. Facebook Pages is a section of Facebook that allows businesses to create pages to connect with people. These two facts show businesses must utilize this platform to maximize their reach to a larger audience.

10. Sponsoring User-Generated Content

Sponsoring user-generated content can be useful in reaching and engaging your audience. There is 6.9 times more audience engagement with user-generated content than with brand-generated content. Audiences on Facebook enjoy a more personal approach, which means sponsoring user-generated is important for marketing.

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