YouTube, the infamous video-sharing site, can be a great tool for marketers. After all, the site allows you to communicate with the entire world. But there are also important features that many of us are not quite aware of; features that can have an impact on a company’s success. Here are 12 tips and tricks of YouTube one should be mindful of when advertising through the video-sharing site.

1. YouTube Allows You to Customize Your Very Own URL

YouTube allowing you to create your own URL can be huge, but there are eligibility requirements before acquiring this feature. According to the general eligibility requirements, you must have 100 or more subscribers, have your channel be at least 30 days old, have an uploaded photo as a channel icon as well as a channel art, but most importantly, YouTubers may only have one custom URL, so make sure you get good value out of using this one link alone.

2. Links Can Be Added At The Bottom of Your Videos

If you go under account settings and then view additional features, YouTube gives you the option of editing your channel’s external annotations (add cards and links to sites). As a result, if a viewer admires your videos, he or she can find out more about your work and what exactly your company does.

3. Add Sound Effects And Music

A video with sound effects can enhance an audience’s experience and only make it much more captivating. As YouTube’s Creator Academy points out, one source that video creators can use to acquire sound effects or music is YouTube’s very own audio library. But regardless of the audio source you choose to use, be aware of the copyright guidelines before choosing to upload your videos.

4. Mix Marketing With Entertainment

YouTube is a platform used by many to share thoughts, video blogs (vlogs), experiments, and pranks, all centered around various topics. These types of content appeal to all audiences and have led to many channels growing enormously over the years. It’s clear that these successful YouTubers know what they’re doing from an entertainment standpoint.

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From an advertisement perspective though, acknowledging the significant impact entertainment has in daily life and utilizing it — instead of focusing primarily on just selling your company’s products/services to customers — can lead to reaching larger audiences since you’ll be connecting with their minds and emotions. In other words, as Tar Productions explicitly chooses to explain when describing the concept of branded entertainment, “the content gives the brand an opportunity to connect with its audience in a unique, engaging way. By using media to tell an entertaining story, you establish a connection between the positive feelings viewers felt while consuming your content and your brand.”

5. You Can Add Transcripts

YouTube is global and people from all over the world use the tool to interact with one another. Subtitles are the perfect way to reach a wider audience. Translated subtitles will reach an international audience whereas closed captioning of the same language will reach the deaf community. Adding captions at the bottom of your videos will allow many deaf viewers to understand your ad’s message, but also recognize how solicitous you are of meeting everyone’s needs. The subtle gesture will provide them with a sense of inclusion, which traces back to connecting with viewers on an emotional level; you want to show them that their opinions and voices matter just as much as everyone else’s.

6. Persuade Your Audience

The term Ethos, or Ethical Appeal, as Big Fish Presentations points out, “is what signifies to the audience that the speaker knows what they’re talking about. The main thing a speaker needs to do is convince the audience that they know what they’re talking about.”

Tricks of YouTube Video-Sharing Site Blog Post

Credibility tends to be showcased by making sound arguments and supporting them with evidence. In the particular case of video making and advertising campaigns, however, show the audience what makes your company worth their time, but actually prove it to them. Share success stories, stats that demonstrate your company’s growth on a year to year basis, customer satisfaction rates, and data that show how exactly your company’s services/products will benefit them.

7. Be Selective In Your Video Making

When marketing with videos, it’s essential to trim down their length, while still trying to get your point across. In other words, short and straight to the point. According to MerchDope, “Approximately 20% of the people who start your video will leave after the first 10 seconds.” Not every viewer will be familiar with your company, so any irrelevant information should be left out from the final cut to increase potential long term viewer engagement and satisfaction.

8. Consider the YouTube Algorithm When Creating Content

As many are aware, with the way YouTube’s Algorithm system is set up, the key to being discovered by viewers is to increase subscribers; the subscription rate will determine how often your videos appear to audiences in both their search and recommendations page.

9. Interact With Viewers

By responding to comments and asking for feedback on your videos, not only will audiences feel involved but positive interactions will also lead to more views, likes, and shares due to YouTube’s engagement metrics.

10. Utilize the Keywords Tool

Keywords and themes can lead to videos being suggested to audiences, which is what made YouTube’s original keyword tool so useful. But despite YouTube no longer having this particular feature as of September 2014, there is still a very serviceable replacement known as the Keywords Tool. The alternative tool is able to use the “YouTube autocomplete feature to generate highly relevant long-tail keywords about a particular topic.” The autocomplete feature allows users to “find videos faster by recommending appropriate keywords when they start typing in their search query.” Therefore, if a viewer searches for videos on marketing using Instagram or creating email signatures, and your company covers these keywords, then your video will have a chance of appearing in the recommendation engine.

11. Be Creative In Your Thumbnail

A thumbnail is the first image the audience notices when they run into a video. Thus, if you’re able to include a captivating thumbnail image and title, then you can draw viewers just based on their curiosity alone. Obviously, viewing the very first 5 seconds of a video is very limited, but it definitely gets your foot in the door. The following results and reactions in the aftermath, however, are entirely up to you.

12. Don’t Upload Sparingly

The most successful YouTube channels tend to upload frequently, at times even twice a week. Although these channels are more focused on topics unrelated to marketing, the approach should still remain the same: to grow your channel and raise brand awareness.

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