Grab your popcorn because today we’re talking video! Previously Workspace Digital offered tips on how to create more professional videos and today we have 15 types of videos for your business.

That’s a lot, so let’s get started!

Number 1: Sizzle Videos

First, the Sizzle Video. Sizzle videos are short, usually one to two minutes, and use motion design, music and voice overs to engage, inspire and encourage action. Think of these as your video elevator pitch, your movie trailer.

Make a sizzle video for your company or for just about anything else. These day’s getting even one minute of attention is a challenge, so make that minute matter, make it sizzle!

Sizzle Video Example

Number 2: Expert Videos

Next up, the expert video. Audiences want real, relevant and consistent content, and who better than to deliver that content than your people? Tap your in-house expertise, build the personal brands of your most valuable assets, and start winning the digital space with a stream of visual content that benefits your brand, your customers, your industry and your prospects. You can also leverage the knowledge of vendor partners and industry influencers to expand and grow your network.

Expert Video Example

Number 3: Testimonials

Potential customers certainly enjoy hearing from your team, but they LOVE hearing from your satisfied clients. A video testimonial is the ultimate positive experience. Positive affirmations from a third party, supporting visuals and a careful edit that ensure your company shines in the best light. Incredibly impactful!

Testimonial Video Example

Number 4: Tutorials

Tutorial videos can be used in so many ways. Train your team, educate your customers and influence key stakeholders in your industry just to name a few.

A tutorial video is the perfect way to intentionally and visually articulate what might otherwise be a dry or complex message. YouTube is full of helpful tutorial videos like how to do your makeup, how to start a conversation, to how to survive on a deserted island. Quality of content will trump production value here, and don’t be afraid to use screen recording software if necessary.

Tutorial Video Example

Number 5: Screen Recordings

Speaking of screen recordings, number five is a build on number four, recorded meetings. With the rise of video conferencing solutions more meetings are taking place in the virtual space, and some of these technologies allow you to make a video recording.

We use a service called Highfive and have started recording some of our company meetings and training sessions so those who could not attend or who want a recap can access the video file on demand in the future.

Screen Recordings Example

Number 6: Social Media Commercials

Social Media Commercials is video content designed especially to feed your social media channels. These can be fun, informative, creative or promotional.

Whatever you choose, keep them short! Know the platforms you want to publish them too and optimize your videos for the length, aspect ratio and file type requirements.

Social Media Commercial Example

Number 7: Project Documentation Videos

Do you have any large company projects coming up this year? An example relevant to our industry would be a corporate move. Keep your team and your network in the loop by documenting the project in the form of video. When BOS built our Headquarters in 2015, we created monthly videos of the building construction to share with our team and partners. People love to feel included and part of an important initiative. These videos also make great history pieces for your archives.

Project Documentation Example

Number 8: Video Wallpapers

Modern websites are more than still images and words. Many leverage the power of video to create an enriching experience. We use video wallpapers on all of our websites (BOS, Workspace Digital and AOI) to portray our vast capabilities above the fold on our number one page – our homepage.

Video backgrounds are also great on landing pages and many content management systems now let you use YouTube and Vimeo links for these videos. We also use digital signage to display these videos in our workspaces.

Video Wallpapers Example

Number 9: Space Tour Videos

We talk a lot about the value of using both physical and digital workspaces to maximize your total opportunity. If you’re proud of the places you have created for your teams to work, create a video showcase of them and share on your website, social channels and throughout your digital ecosystem. If you’re not proud of your workplace visit or give me a call.

Space Tour Video Example

Number 10: Event Videos

Whether you’re hosting an event or attending one, you can quickly create timely and relevant video content by creating a montage or recap video. Be sure to publish quickly and to mention any industry partners or influencers to increase reach and engagement. You may even consider live streaming video through an app like Facebook to share event video in real time while you’re there!

Event Example

Number 11: Holiday Videos

The most popular video we create each year is our holiday card video. Not only is this a unique and personal way to wish your network the happiest of holidays but you can also turn it into a fun team and culture building experience.

We invite our employee owners to bring their children and spouses in for the video shoot. The end result, extreme cuteness, lots of positive feedback and very happy employees.

Holiday Video Example

Number 12: VIP Customer Videos

If you have a handful of targeted customers you want to reach or continue to serve through value-adding content, consider creating videos specifically for them.

We do this in and variety of ways, from personal video messages for key decision makers, mock-up tours, proactive targeted outreach to warm up cold calls and more.

We often combine these VIP videos with gated or private landing pages that contain additional tools, information and resources.

VIP Customer Video Example

Number 13: Meet the Team Videos

Think of these as video business cards. In today’s content flooded landscape it’s more important than ever to use a variety of channels to reach a target audience. These short video introductions are useful in breaking through the clutter and as follow ups to a connection acceptance on social or RFI.

Meet the Team Example

Number 14: Product or Service Showcases

Most companies offer a variety of products or services. Create short little videos that promote, show off or explain these. This will give you a series of content to feed your marketing channels, create a library of specific video assets your team can selectively deploy, and help to establish your brand and people as knowledgeable in your industry. Consider partnering with vendors, distributors and other partners to create or fund these videos.

Product or Service Video Example

Number 15: Company Profile or Flagship Video

These videos are usually longer and involve talking head interviews and a detailed description of your overall organization. Most companies have a video like this that they spent a lot of time and money on and that they made 5 years ago.

I put this last as I find these videos to be less versatile than the rest. Not for everyone, but definitely effective if you can find the right audience whiling to take the time to watch it!

Company Profile or Flagship Video Example

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