As a business owner or marketing strategist, growing your brand is a priority. Keeping up with innovations in society is crucial to get consumer feedback and maintain a good reputation. On the other hand, there could be factors that are sabotaging your business without even knowing it. Employees may not realize the damage that is being done before it’s too late. Below are some key brand mistakes that could affect your brand’s long term future.

Reason #1: Too Many Hats

Workspace Digital - Brand Mistakes

What I mean here is spreading the brand’s positioning too thin, as some businesses want to access a wide range of potential customers. This strategy usually stems from the fear of communicating to a specific segment of the market and in turn limiting potential sales opportunities. However, by casting a net to everyone possible and not establishing a distinct brand personality, your business can fall flat from the competition and become easily forgotten. Avoid this mistake by taking time to identify what makes your brand unique and what target audience will wholeheartedly accept its mission!

Reason #2: Constant Comparison

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We all love to look up to our successful competition to grasp a better perspective on what our brand is bringing to the game. Yet, constantly sizing up our gains and losses towards others can actually hurt productivity and creativity to make more innovative decisions. How else would iconic brands like Nike, Adidas, and Gymshark differentiate themselves and win a market if they all took the same route of brand positioning? Remember to maintain a healthy evaluation of what your brand is specifically doing well, and what it can improve on without exactly copying the tactics of various key players in the game.

Reason #3: Excess Platforms

Workspace Digital - Brand Mistakes

Using a mix of social media platforms can be an efficient way to build a strong brand, but there is a happy medium to reaching potential customers. For example, a consulting firm should integrate maintaining a consistent and engaging LinkedIn and Facebook account, but does it need an updated Pinterest or Snapchat account? Make sure to do a little research and discover where your target audience can be reached and stick mainly with those platforms. If you need some assistance, reach out to marketing research entities  like Hubspot or Salesforce to gain insight and pinpoint your key demographic.

Reason #4: Overdone Content

Workspace Digital - Brand Mistakes

Sharing content or too many statuses on a day to day basis can be overkill for a brand, especially if the brand wants to take themselves seriously. Eventually, your followers will get tired of flooding their social media accounts too frequently. So, how often should you post to Facebook, Twitter, etc.? It’s going to vary based on your following size, the network’s own algorithms, and how active your followers are. A great rule of thumb is to post once a day on Instagram, up to three times a day on Facebook, and a few times a week on LinkedIn. Most of your brand’s social media should be made up of  high quality and interesting content. We want to draw in people, not push them away.

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