Video conferencing is a powerful tool that can have a tremendous impact on your business. Here are five great examples of its usefulness.

1. Interview Screening

Finding the right person is SO important… but the Hiring process can be so incredibly time consuming.

Once you narrow down by resume… Leverage the power of video to screen potential candidates for professionalism, communication skills, and organizational fit to save yourself from having to interview in person. Video interviews will save you time, money and face-to-face disappointment!

2. Connecting Offices

At BOS Holdings… we have offices in Chicago, Roselle, Madison, Milwaukee and Orlando. Every day we connect our teams through our video conferencing technology, Highfive. Less road trips and flights save us money… seeing our teammates boosts collaboration and culture. If you have multiple offices, you too can break down geographic boundaries!

3. Multiple Uses

We love technology that is easy to use and serves multiple purposes. Not only can we use Highfive for video calls, but we also use it to wirelessly share content and even record meetings for on-demand training and review! Woo Hoo!

4. Consolidation of Services

Since our video conferencing technology can do so much, we have gotten rid of webx, go to meeting, and joinme – all great services in their own rite… but not necessary to pay for now that we can do it all through Highfive!

Oh… and we also got rid of our conference phone lines since Highfive can do audio conferencing.

5. Digital Advocacy

And finally, video conferencing is a great way to create a digital culture at your workplace. Before we started using Highfive, we rarely did video calls. Today, we do them multiple times a day! As technology continues to play a larger roll in almost every industry, forward thinking companies are taking advantage of effective ways to connect people and spaces… and video conferencing is one of the best!

Want to learn more? Workspace Digital is a full service technology integrator. We have access to all the latest tech, offer the most competitive pricing… and most importantly, we’ve tried and tested it all through our many locations.

Learn more about connecting with Highfive here!

Have you ever been in a meeting that runs late and whoever has reserved the room next is mulling around like an annoyed zombie? One great feature from our video conferencing solution, Highfive can save you. Here’s how it works.

Start a video meeting from your phone, computer, or other mobile device.

If your meeting isn’t over before your need to leave the room… simply pull the meeting back to your device and take it to another open space.

You can either finish your meeting from your device… or if you move to another space that is equipped with Highfive hardware… you can push the meeting to that room and continue on!

Another way we’ve used this feature is for show and tell.

Say we’re doing a video call in our board room and want to show remote participants something on our showroom floor. We can simply pull the meeting to our phone… use that camera on our phone to show them what we want… and then push the meeting back up to the room camera.

Super easy… incredibly effective… and very affordable. Connect with us if you want to learn more!

Thanks for watching – have a great week!

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