According to an August 2018 Business Insider article, YouTube just outpaced Gmail and is swiftly narrowing the gap on Facebook for number of users. At current, monthly YouTube users tally 1.8 billion. YouTube video creation is a wide open field for consumer engagement opportunity. Strategically angling a business’ social network marketing is critical for capturing advertising and branding opportunities. Here are 12 ideas for optimizing YouTube for business.

1. Lead Each Video with a Compelling Hook

An unappealing start can cool a viewers attention. Start with a highlight or an attention grabbing teaser. Drive an emotional attachment that engages the viewer to the product or service. Do this up front.

2. Close the Video With a Call To Action

Optimizing YouTube for Business YouTube Video Creation Blog Post

Confused or aimless viewers will never respond appropriately to a video that has no clear direction. Invite viewers to comment or post questions to generate interaction. Send them to suggested videos – the previous video, a related in the series, etc. This is the number one organic traffic generator on YouTube. And always, always, always request that the users like the video, subscribe to the business channel, and turn on notifications. Educate viewers the what and how of these things as there is a lot of confusion on the purpose and function of all three.

3. Produce and Post Content Regularly

YouTube is not best used as a breaking news or occasional holiday greeting platform. Influencing audience behavior is optimized by having regular content. When consumers can expect to hear from a business and stay connected, they develop loyalty and tune out other content.

4. Make Lots of Videos

Viewers respond best when ample content is available. Creating videos in spates also triggers YouTube’s algorithm making the channel more visible. A good rule of thumb for YouTube channels is to post three or more times weekly.

5. Set Realistic Workflow

Don’t become overambitious in setting up the studio, production schedule, or the editing templates. Get an essential groove and stay with it. Remember, regular video uploads at expected times bring back YouTube viewers.

6. Create Solid Metadata

Meta Description Search Result Snippets Blog Post Optimizing YouTube for Business YouTube Video Creation Blog Post

Major on the title, tags, and description. Keep SEO in mind and appropriately saturate with your keyword(s). YouTube viewers are attracted to a thoughtful title that indicates what is in the video. The description has to be focused and accurate. Though you are allowed several lines, the first three are what search engines use and, unless viewers click “view more,” this is all that’s visible.

7. Create a Time-Coded Table of Contents When Multiple Products Are Featured

When videos have more than one product, break them down in a time-coded table of contents. With this, users can click on links for each individual product. This provides for ease of reference or focus on item of interest.

8. Use Short Opening Credits and Titles

Viewers have limited attention and marketing teams have limited time to attract it. Lengthy openings can confuse viewers or simply turn them off. A short and catchy option is best here. This is especially important for titles because search results will truncate titles for only the first few words which can cause keywords to be missed in the results list.

9. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel with End Screens

Select and import the end screen template from a previous video. Once a successful end screen strategy is refined, click “Import From Video” and select the video from which to import. For best results use the Analytics in Creator Studio and select End Screens to find the best performing end screen.

10. Pick Strategic, Accurate, and Enticing Thumbnails

Eggs In The Same Basket google adwords Blog Post Optimizing YouTube for Business YouTube Video Creation Blog Post

Bland or unclear thumbnails are not very likely to influence positive reactions from viewers. Without clarity, videos will get passed over. The same goes for “clickbait” pictures. You will lose the trust of viewers if they feel tricked into clicking a video. There’s a world of difference between intriguing and deceptive.

11. Edit Out Dead Air and Other Distractions

In the edit phase, keep a close look out for lengthy pauses, deviations from the target, and uninteresting dialogue or scenes. Keep the content moving. Don’t give users a reason to click away.

12. It’s All About Time

Statistically, 7-15 minute videos perform best. That said, a longer video means more watch time – this element triggers the algorithm which boosts content. Ultimately, video length is a judgment call; the key here is: make the video long enough to communicate all needed information without adding fluff to get more watch time.

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