Creating content is important to growing an audience for your blog. But can you have too much content? It is important to determine the ideal amount of content that should be posted as there are many factors that can affect this such as word count and posting frequency.

A problem that many content creators may have is deciding the ideal frequency for each post. Rampton (2016) states, “B2B companies that publish 16-plus blog posts per month receive 3.5 times the amount of traffic as companies that publish only 0-4 posts per month”. That is a significant increase in traffic, so a blogger should make more than 4 posts a month. Older blog posts account for 75 percent of views and 90 percent of blog leads for companies (Rampton, 2016).

Ideal Posting Frequency

It is important for bloggers to create new content, but older ones can be just as if not more important to generating views. Companies with more than 401 blog posts receive two times more traffic than ones that have between 301-400. It is important to continue posting to increase the total amount on your site, so people have many posts to view. The problem with this data is it applies to companies, so what is good for companies may not necessarily be good for smaller blogs.

The ideal posting frequency for individual content creators is different from companies. In fact, bloggers may need to have a higher frequency of content. According to Gunelius (2018) 3-5 posts a day would be for maximum growth, one per day for steady growth, 2-3 per week for slower growth, and less than 2-3 per week for very slow growth.

The lower amount is more for bloggers who are doing it for fun. The downside to this is the audience may not increase substantially. The maximum or steady options are best for those who want to grow their blog to the point where they can make a living. Possible disadvantages to this are running out of ideas and working longer hours. Another approach would be to start with a higher frequency to grow your audience and then go to a lower pace once the views and subscribers are to the level you want.

The problem is the audience may come to expect a high amount of content. This can be offset by informing one’s audience that there will be less so there can be higher quality posts.

Word Count

The length of your content in terms of word count is another factor to consider. Word count can affect the number of shares for each post. Escobedo (2016) states, “digital marketing” articles over 2,000 words tend to get more shares online… articles less than 1,000 words received around the same number of shares as articles over 2,000 words”. Shares are important because they get your content out to more people, which creates more views. Word count depends on each article where some may need less and some may need more, but a good target would be in the range of around 1,000 to 2,000.

The position of your content on Google is important for views and conversions with search engine results page (SERP) data showing “the average Google first page result contains 1,890 words” (Escobedo, 2016). It appears that the target word count should be around 1,890 words to maximize the position of each article on search engines. According to Escobedo (2016), “content length is not the only factor that Google considers when ranking content”. Other factors to consider are topics on recent events, regularly recurring events, and frequent updates to your articles. (Patel, n.d.).

Final Words

The answer to the question of whether one can have too much content is no, but there are other factors. It is ideal to have a couple of posts a day for maximum audience growth or once a day for steady growth. You will receive more traffic once your blog has a lot of posts for people to view. It is good to target between around 1,000 words to 2,000 words for written articles to maximize views, shares, and search engine position. It is good to have as much content as possible, but it is just as important to consider your audience and the goals you have for your site.

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