Creating content on a daily or weekly basis for a blog can be difficult, and it can be even more difficult building an audience for a blog. Syndicate content lets you create blog content easier, and it helps increase your audience and audience awareness.

What Is Content Syndication?

So, what is syndicate content? Bowden states syndicate content “is a process where you are publishing your content on a third-party website in order to maintain its exposure to your target readers.” Creating an audience is key to having a steady amount of views for content that is published. This can involve free or paid methods and it can also be used in a search engine optimization strategy. This is an accessible strategy because it can fit anyone’s budget. Search engine optimization involves creating more visibility for posts on search engines, which will build audience awareness and is why syndication can be useful.

How to Syndicate Content?

Syndicate Content Audience Awareness Blog Post

There are many ways to create syndicate content. One way to achieve this is through well-known sites such as Forbes or Bloomberg where they can post articles with links to the creators of other published work. These websites have many viewers who may read these types of content and then go to the creator’s site through one of the links. This method will create audience awareness, which will result in more viewers for your blog.

Content can be syndicated in different ways including republished and original articles. Partnering with websites that only republish older content and not new ones can be useful because it will save time spent writing a new post while still creating increased awareness of older ones. Having a mix of both can be beneficial by creating audience awareness for older posts while displaying various abilities with new ones. A reader may enjoy these original works and may want to view more by going to the creator’s website.

There are different types of syndication that can be useful. Two types that were mentioned earlier are guest blogging and article syndication. Guest blogging is like writing original work for a website, but it may only be one time. Article syndication is the same as the republished articles that are put on another website. PR service, video syndication, and email syndication are other popular types. These involve using a PR agency “to communicate with your audience,” putting video content on multiple websites, and sending out posts to readers or websites through email. These are all useful tools that can be helpful in creating audience awareness and more views.

Why is Content Syndication Important?

According to O’Neill, another tool that can be used for syndicate content is an RSS aggregator, which is known as Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a symbol located next to share buttons that, “signals to readers that you encourage your content to be syndicated and distributed across other platforms.” Readers would be able to share the post with other people, which would increase the number of views. There is an RSS feed that readers can follow to receive notifications for new posts, but these are not as useful with social media platforms having a similar function. People sharing posts on their social media accounts is how social media can serve a similar function to RSS feeds. These feeds are just another useful tool for content creators even if social media have similar functions.

Syndicate Content Audience Awareness Blog Post

Creating new and interesting content is important to a blog, but growing an audience is just as important. Syndicate Content is an important tool for growing an audience, which creates more views for posts. There are many options for this including paid, free, syndicate content, and original work. One must decide between paid or free and then decide whether to do syndicated, original, or mixed work. It is important to use a combination of PR services, video syndication, email syndication, RSS feeds, and social media sharing to get the word out for posts. The result will be an increased awareness for your blog and more viewers for each post.

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