What is email drip marketing? Email drip marketing is a form of marketing that uses automated emails that are sent out at specific times or after certain customer behaviors. They in essence “drip” information that is relevant to a reader in hopes of generating sales. The name is derived from drip irrigation systems because the email campaign resembles the irrigation strategy of watering plants a small amount of water over a long period.

The term email drip marketing is a bit of a catch-all. Here are some more specific examples of drip marketing:


When a new prospective customer signs up for a newsletter, a welcome email is received shortly afterward. A welcome email can include the business’s most shared posts and/or give more insight into the company. It’s a way to show appreciation for signing up and builds rapport with the individual.

Abandoned Shopping Cart

As aggravating as it may be to see an abandoned sale, the situation can be salvaged. In this case, an email drip is a reminder to the customer that they have a pending sale. A deadline can be added to create the fear of missing out to further drive the sale.

Engagement or Re-engagement

This email can either be sent out after a certain behavior to prompt engagement or after a period of disengagement to re-engage. It delves on emotion, for example, guilt in the case where an email is sent out after a reader has been inactive for a while. A potential client that is engaged is more apt to buy later.

When setting up an email drip campaign, three concerns need to be considered: goals of the campaign, target demographic, and quality content.

Goals of the Campaign

Whether it’s retaining a customer’s interest, pinning down the final step of sale, or increasing consumer engagement, it’s important to have defined goals. This will make a campaign more effective and easier to create.

Target Demographic

As mentioned before, email drips are sent out after a certain amount of time has passed or in response to customer behavior. These two triggers are the first phase in determining the target demographic. Other information to include would be the frequency of visits to premium content and who has become a paying customer.

Quality Content

Content must be relevant to the readers. A promotion for a product a week after a customer has bought the product will annoy customers and drive them away. Make sure the message is clear and embodies the company but is engaging and worth a reader’s time. Keep it short and offer links for further information or a “call to action.”

Email drip marketing as demonstrated above is simple in nature but effective in maintaining interest. It’s a cost-effective way to develop leads and keep customers.

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