Like most packages that are ordered, people are starting to more and more ship them to their office. In the age of Amazon and eCommerce, this is becoming commonplace. Companies are getting more deliveries than ever, and they often end up cluttering the lobby, mailroom or receiving area.

Whether they’re for your employees or your company… there’s now an easier way to deal with deliveries… welcome to Envoy Deliveries.

One Company, Two Ground Breaking Solutions

Envoy is the same company that offers digital check-in solutions that gives all of your visitors a great first impression of your organization.

Here's How It Works

You setup the delivery zones where packages arrive. In our HQ, we have four zones…

BOS Front Desk

Digital Display Technology envoy deliveries app packaged technology Blog Post

AOI Reception

envoy deliveries app packaged technology

Operations Room

envoy deliveries app packaged technology

Then load the names and contact details of your team members into the feature-rich and easy to use Envoy back-end.

When a package arrives, whoever receives it snaps a photo of the shipping label using the Envoy app.

Envoy notifies the recipient via slack, email or both and lets them know where their package is located. If they don’t come get it right away, reminders are sent.

Once the package is picked up, the recipient can mark that it was received via app, website or iPad if you have one at the pickup location.

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