The world of content creation in the digital marketing sphere has evolved significantly over the last five years. In fact, the strategies around content creation were so vastly different back then that a lot of those same principles cannot even be applied to present day. With that in mind, businesses need to be ever so certain that the content that they are creating, whether it be for email marketing or social media management, hits their intended target audience on the first go.

Stop Thy Spam

Fact: In 2018, a staggering 14.5 billion spam emails are sent every single day and 45% of all emails sent are spam.

When it comes to email marketing, everyone is doing the same shotgun approach and mass emailing a huge list and telling their prospects “our service is better and cheaper than our competitors”, while the next email that same person gets is from another vendor or company saying the same exact thing the previous person said.

Okay, that is great and all, but businesses need to differentiate themselves when it comes to email marketing. Everyone and their mother is saying how their product is the latest and greatest, but if a business cannot trust you, as a person, then how can they have the confidence to invest capital into, say, a 12-month commitment? 

Trust Must Be Earned

When going after leads, one needs to build credibility to win over potential customers. Instead of saying “I have the best chat bot in the world”, maybe say “our chat bot solves many industry pain points that you face daily, and I know this solution will work for you as I have personally implemented this solution for many others”, then, follow that statement up with a case study, testimonial or reference from a trusted client. Nothing wins people over more than seeing the results in person.

Another area to avoid is empty promises. As a business owner, hearing “this solution can get you more leads a month” sounds promising in theory, but again, why should that person trust what is being said? Why does your solution gain more leads, why does your solution save me money? Nothing will turn a business off more than being sold on a solution based on “you will receive 50 phone calls this month if you side with me” and then not hitting that number. Not only is it a massive waste of time and dollars, but it gives the wrong impression and will only turn off the customer from trying out future vendors.

Deliver That Content Creation

With all that said, one area that is very often over looked is content delivery. Sure, sending an email blast with fancy graphics and templates is pleasing to the eye, but does it get across the information that needs to be said in a clean manner? Instead of over complicating things, sometimes the best solution is to view email marketing as starting a conversation. If attending a networking event, one wouldn’t go up to someone else and start telling them their business’s life story and everything right off the bat, but instead, that person will give them a short elevator pitch, and then if they are interested, they will go into more detail.

This same principle can be applied to email marketing. Instead of cramming a bunch of content into a long scrolling email, or worse, having people receiving the email manually download images if using an email client like Microsoft Outlook (this plays into that trust factor from a moment ago), structure emails like an elevator pitch: include some bullet points, leave out the graphics and then if the prospect is interested send them more information.

To Conlude

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Business owners are extremely weary in today’s market, which is why a business must nail content creation. In 2018, missing opportunities can short change a business and set a negative trend downwards. Be smart about deliverables and know what the intended target audience needs and wants and the opportunities will be there for the taking.

Now To Tie It All Together

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