When you deploy digital signage in your business, you might unknowingly be saving the business from losing money and a harmful global footprint in the long run. The biggest myth over the years with the advent of HD and 4k screen technology is that you’d run your electricity bills through the roof operating those screens during your work hours, which isn’t too budget and environmentally friendly. However, this is far from the case, as this article will explore why you should be going green with digital signage.

Key Benefits of Digital Signage

According to Visix, a company that manufacturers digital signage, going green at the bottom line with this technology include the reduction of general paper waste, decreased need for printing, and an overall productivity boost to employees. US companies spend roughly $120 million a year just on paper, resulting in as much as 3.7 million tons of paper waste a year. Digital signage provides a remedy to this by becoming the new communicative aid for most modern workplaces.

Digital signage messages are highly visible when shown throughout a workplace when compared to print media, and can be illustrated in a variety of different layouts. Adaptive Displays offers LED displays that can be easily maintained throughout its use, where the information shown through the screens can even be updated in an instant through an interactive platform. This fast-form process of media sharing allows companies to save money in labor and maintenance costs.

Improvements in Power and Purpose

The primary argument with anything electronic, such as digital signage, is that paper waste is simply replaced by electricity usage. Although digital signs need power, it is not as much as you might think. Modern screens have reduced power consumption by up to 90 percent in the last two decades. Most LED displays have a lifespan of at least 100,000 hours and use less electricity than other LCDs.

Some screens have adjustable brightness and elevated power control systems to automatically power down at certain times (i.e – a “sleep mode”). Companies that invest in some newer energy dashboards also leverage real-time data about the energy usage in their building, resulting in a more responsive application of digital signage. When it comes to repurposing, displays can be easily recycled and traded to vendors for parts, resulting in a cycle of development for the continued use of better digital signage models.

The Benefits of Being Environmentally-Friendly

By taking advantage of the options that digital signage provides, companies can save plenty of money versus traditional marketing methods. “Going green” is just one element that drives a new organizational mindset towards digital signage. Maintaining a competitive advantage as well as developing environmentally-conscious businesses are all results from the increased use of digital signage.

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