First impressions matter. And whether it’s a prospect, customer, partner or interviewee… a visitor to your space will make decisions based on their primary experiences in your space. Check out Envoy Digital Check In!

Nothing beats a friendly face and personal welcome…you’ve even put their name and logo up on the welcome display… but why follow that up with a binder and manual sign-in process?

Thanks to an awesome digital check-in solution from our friends at Envoy… you no longer have to!

Envoy Digital Check In can even be used to sign NDAs, take visitor photos, print badges, pre-register guests and quickly check-in returning visitors.

The Envoy app runs on an iPad and we’re using this Windfall stand by Heckler design because it can swivel, secure the iPad to the desk and be locked with a cable if needed.

You can brand the experience and control everything you need from the backend administration tool… analytics, employee directory, and even export visitor data for your CRM!

When the visit is over, signing out is even easier than signing in.

We absolutely love this modern, feature-rich, easy-to-use and affordable addition to our workspace.

If you’re ready to take visitor check in to a whole new level – connect with Workspace Digital and we’ll get you ‘singed in’!

Ready for digital check in at your organization?

Connect with Workspace Digital today to get started!

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