In our modern digital world, we know how important it is to use technology in marketing. We know the importance of following technological trends and using new technology once it has been well established.

Unfortunately, marketing has historically been one step behind each technological advancement, often taking a year or more to get on board. This includes text messaging ads, mobile-friendly websites, social media ads, and more. In other Workspace Digital articles, we’ve talked about the importance of staying up to date with new technology and using it as soon as it appears. Now we’ll take this a step further. What if digital marketing could be one step ahead?

digital innovation

The Importance of Being Ahead of the Game

Technological advancement places your company on a higher tier than others. Even more so, think of how much your company could stand out by being ahead of the digital game. People are impressed by technology, but they’re really impressed by innovative technology. Innovative technology goes above and beyond people’s expectations, drawing their eyes and, in turn, their loyalty as customers. They can’t wait to see what you have next!

There are several workspace technologies out currently that can help you stay ahead of the game. We’ll go through each one individually. All of these will help you stand out as an innovative company, and you can get them through Workspace Digital!

digital innovation

Innovative Technology

1. Bluescape Wall

Bluescape workspaces bring your content together so that it can be accessed from any device. Even if your marketing teams work in different locations, they can work together! Even better, everything can be displayed in one space so that you can look at various documents of different types side-by-side. Bluescape is user-friendly. You can easily transfer your files from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more to get everything in the same space.

It should be obvious now that Bluescape can help your team, but what about the way you present yourself to customers? Bluescape allows you to connect with customers in a digital workspace. You can collaborate with clients with proposals, annotations, and message conversations all in the same place. Customer engagement is key, and Bluescape will help your company achieve this.

2. Workware

Workware is a family of products used for digital collaboration. One product type is Workware View, which can add to your workspace through monitors, mobile easels, wall mounts, table mounts, and more. This will help your workspace look modern and engaging.

Workware Wireless is the newest product, and it allows you to project your content wirelessly onto a display. This even includes sharing from remote locations! Files can be shared together, allowing for better collaboration with your team and clients.

3. Digital Signage

Digital signage technologies create electronic displays that can all be managed from the same place. You can even use these in public places for outdoor advertising to maximize your company’s visibility. Of course, you can use these within your workspace for internal information or to assist your customers with product information. They can even be interactive to really enhance your customers’ technological experience!

4. Evoko Liso

Evoko Liso is a room management technology. Evoko Liso makes it easy to book conference rooms and let your employees/coworkers know when rooms are available with a simple green or red circle and border. It’s also a touchscreen! There’s a check-in feature to make sure that the room is being used. Although this is not technically a consumer product, customers will notice it when they come into your building and be impressed.

5. ChargeSpot

ChargeSpot is a wireless phone charging technology for your workspace. It prevents charging from being isolated to one location by a wall with an outlet. You can place ChargeSpots under tables, allowing employees to charge their phones easily in meetings.

While this, like Evoko Liso, is also technically a business product, you can turn it into a consumer product. Consider placing ChargeSpots in waiting rooms and client conference rooms, and you’re sure to stand out above other companies.

6. Screen Size

You might think this is a cliché. The saying goes, “Bigger is better,” right? Maybe you don’t think this is that important compared to the technologies that go on the screens. However, there might be more to consider here than just big screens. Larger screens at 27 inches and more generally have better resolutions.

Also consider the maximization of space that comes with a bigger screen. You can have more tabs open to place side-by-side. Even if you use Bluescape to bring documents together, you might find yourself needing to use various types of software in a meeting. With larger screens, you won’t have to switch back and forth, saving valuable time.

Using a multiple monitor setup is also a great option. You can operate multiple screens from just one computer. This allows for even more space, separating documents/software onto different screens for even better organization. It also looks ultra-modern and will be eye-catching to clients.

To stand out even more, consider using lighter monitors with borderless edges. These screen types look particularly modern and are sure to grab your customers’ attention. Large, curved screens also look modern, but it’s probably best to limit these to individual office spaces or small meetings. It can be difficult to see the display if you’re not positioned at the center of the screen.

The Final Point

As the digital world grows exponentially, it can be hard to keep up. Stay up to date and, better yet, ahead. The technologies explained above will help you do just that. Consider investing in these technologies. Be innovative! You’ll attract customers and the best employees, and your workspace will become more appealing and efficient.

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