Looking to boost engagement and inspire greater energy in your workplace? It may be time to consider employee morale. Low morale can lead to decreased productivity and poor cooperation, and can prevent the overall business from reaching its goals. Successful leaders keep tabs on issues that might affect work culture, enforcing simple and creative approaches to strengthen employee morale. Here a few helpful tactics you can start promoting within your business.

Remind Everyone About The Company M.O.

Most employees strive to make a positive impact and do work that is in line with the overall goals of the business. Over time, however, that mentality can fade away due to the day-to-day grind of work and other factors. Leaders must deploy strategies that remind their employees of the value they make in the company and how it reflects on the company objectives to better boost engagement and improve employee morale.

Improve Internal Communication

At times you’ll run into situations where conversations between teams or leadership can be frustrating and tense. One helpful tip is to use other modes of communication other than email, as it not only drags on employees’ productivity, it wears on well-being by increasing stress and requiring high levels of reactivity. Using software like Asana and Slack for communication can help reduce operational stress and improve communication.

Offer Opportunities To Volunteer

Bringing team members together for a great cause and community service opportunities not only improves the morale of your workforce but also makes the individual employee feel better about themselves and their position in the company. Employees that participate in non-profit events or service projects feel more positive about the relationships they make in the company, and the impact their work does for others.

Encourage Employee’s Freedom For Projects

Personal projects provide employees with a room to express themselves and break away from their usual work responsibilities. It can also be a source of innovation for a company. Increasing the number of vacation days or project building sessions for your employees helps to boost engagement by creating an atmosphere of development. Atlassian, a collaboration software company, encourages creativity during its “FedEx Day” by allowing all of their employees to work on projects that excite them and are somewhat related to Atlassian products or processes. From this development, Atlassian has improved in multiple areas, from product upgrades to process improvements.

Change Things Up

Changing up your regular routines – such as those attending weekly meetings or working at the same stations – to impart new ways of doing work can go a long way toward building morale. It pays to invest in community building and individual satisfaction, as studies show that for key employees, exit costs can run between 70 and 200 percent of the individual’s compensation. Creating new dynamics of work can boost engagement and reduces the amount of pressure employees may feel for certain tasks. One way to accomplish this is to look at outsourcing as your friend, bringing work to freelancers and outside experts to help fill in the gaps for any of your project initiatives.

Celebrate Accomplishments

Take the time to celebrate the accomplishments of your fellow employees. Doing so will help employees appreciate how much they have done. Celebrating work anniversaries are one example of development between an employee and a company. According to a survey from Globoforce, a workplace analytics company, 82 percent of people said they would feel better if people noticed and recognized their work anniversary. It’s a great opportunity to reconnect employees with the overall mission of the company and help leadership form better and more transparent promotion tracks to go with their continued success. For millennials, this is crucial for long-term connection with a company, as over forty percent of millennials expect to receive a promotion every one to two years. Being clear about opportunities to grow, and giving credit when an employee has a successful achievement culminates in stronger employee morale, and will therefore boost engagement.

Have Fun!

Following the previous section on celebrating accomplishments, the most simple way to boost morale is to make time for fun. You can incorporate a mix of fun games and in-house competitions and have employees receive rewards for reaching goals. Some companies give free staff lunches every month and bring together the teams to enjoy good food and conversation. Employees will feel more comfortable connecting with the rest of the teams and help promote a better morale for the entire company.

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