Have you noticed that your e-mails are not grabbing your customers’ attention? Are your monthly sales low and poor statistics are starting to negatively impact your business’ profits or website traffic? Well, here are 10 simple ways to help you craft the best email subject lines that are sure to grab anyone’s attention:

1. First Impressions Mean Everything

How to Craft E-mail Subject Lines That Get Attention

Whether you are shaking someones hand and forget to look them in the eye or you are sending them their first e-mail after they signed up for your newsletter, you want to impress them. The first e-mail you send a new customer will be your first impression, which will determine whether or not they will open a second e-mail sent from you. The subject line should be warm and welcoming, but formal. Limit caps and exclamation points. They are excited to buy your new product, but they don’t need to feel it through exclamation points.

2. Keep Your Subject Line Short

Keep in mind that nowadays people are looking at their e-mail through a mobile phone or tablet. If you write over 50 characters they may not be able to read the whole subject line.

3. Personalize Your E-Mails

This will help your customer to feel that you care about them. Use their name, for example, “Welcome to Workspace, Mary!” This shows you can keep your headline short, use limited exclamation points and create a personalized e-mail.

How to Craft E-mail Subject Lines That Get Attention

4. An Offer

Whether it is a free download, newsletter, or discount, use the words, “offer,” “free,” or “discount” in your subject line. When used sparingly, it is almost guaranteed to grab your customers’ attention and get them to open your e-mail.

5. State What’s Inside

Reveal to your audience what your e-mail contains to give them a reason to open it. For example, “Your free download is inside!”

6. Use Words That Personalize

Personalizing e-mails makes your customers feel important. Use the phrases, “you,” “you’re,” or “exclusive.” People love to feel important and they love personalized e-mails even more.

How to Craft E-mail Subject Lines That Get Attention

7. Use Numbers and Statistics

Using numbers and statistics can catch your customers attention. For example, “Mary, Join over 200 other people who love Workspace!” This personalized e-mail gives them inside statistics that will influence your customer to sign up for what your business has to offer.

8. Do Not Create False Promises

Do not try to bribe your customers with false promises. This will only create negativity towards your business and company image as customers will lose trust in your business and products. When you add an offer to your subject line, make sure you give them directions on how to can receive the offer or discount.

9. Create a Sense of Urgency

Add a sense of urgency in your email subject lines. When using e-mails to notify customers about a discount, make sure to state the time frame of your offer. For example, “Mary, download your free eBook! Offer ends in 48 hrs.” This tells them they need to act soon or they will miss out on a free offer.

10. Ask a Question

Depending on the contents of the e-mail, you should pose a question that catches their attention in the subject line. Ask a question that relates to the content of your e-mail and product. Doing so engages your customer enough to open the e-mail.

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