Many online businesses thrive thanks to landing pages. These pages catch a visitor’s attention in no time and convert those visitors into buyers. The key to having this type of success is to make sure what those visitors find is the best possible landing page. There are some important aspects of successful landing pages to keep in mind. Read on to find out what they are!

What All Landing Pages Need

The first thing a great landing page requires is a headline that grabs the audience’s attention immediately. If the headline is lacking, many people will leave and never read further. The next thing the landing page needs to have is a design that is easy to follow. Ideally, the page should be logically put together. People looking at the page want to instinctively follow the pages flow and be able to keep up. Without this, many get confused and again, leave.

landing pages 101

While this saying has been around a lot longer than landing pages, they make it true once more: Less is More. The fewer things on a landing page, the less things there are for the audience to get caught up on. This means they will follow the design down the page, and if all goes well, take the action prompted when they reach the end.

Finally, a landing page has to enlist trust out of the audience. If a person is supposed to take action by the end of a single page, they must trust they will get some type of benefit out of it. The page should have recognizable names, testimonials, or similar content that builds a trusting bond between the page and the audience.

landing pages 101

Mistakes That Can Destroy a Landing Page

A successful landing page is going to be inclusive, meaning it works on all devices, and has no segregating content or phrasing. Another mistake that can destroy an otherwise successful landing page is not showing gratitude in some way. If a visitor made it to the end of the page, felt trusting enough to act, and gets to step two, make sure they know how appreciated that is. It may only be a quick note, but it can mean a lot to someone who just took a leap of faith.

It’s also incredibly important that when building your landing pages you pay attention to your hyperlinks. If your landing page is not accessible from your website, then have any links, even if they are to your own page, open in a new window. This way, the viewer is always able to easily get back to your landing page.

Always pay attention to your analytics so that you can track what’s working and what’s not. This is especially important during your first few times of creating landing pages. Last but not least, always consult with a professional if you feel your landing page isn’t working, or if you simply wish to start your landing page journey on a confident note.

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