Ever thought the world would be obsessed with a social media platform that only allows 280 letters at a time? Well, Twitter is unlike any other form of social media. It gives users the freedom of speech that ranges from the latest episode of Games of Thrones to the breaking news coverage. Everyone from athletes and celebrities to the average American millennial uses Twitter and with this, it has even created careers for many.

How Twitter Got Started

Co-founder Jack Dorsey initially designed Twitter as an SMS communications platform. He wanted it for groups of friends to keep up on each other’s activities during their status updates. In the beginning, it was referred to as “Twttr” which at the time was a way to gain popular domain advantage; Software developer Noah Glass is the one who changed it to its current name. The South By Southwest interactive conference saw Twitter as a huge platform when more than 60,000 tweets were sent. South by Southwest used this up and coming platform to spread the word about their event and saw the influence it had on their business.

How Hashtags Became Apart of Twitter

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When Twitter users wanted to contact and connect with other users the @ sign started being included before the username. It soon became a unique aspect of the platform. The same results happened with hashtags. Users wanted a way to have their Tweets trend and go viral. Hashtags have also been included during what users call “live tweeting” also known as tweeting about a TV show or movie when it premieres. This new form of communication has helped so many TV shows and TV movies reach heights that probably would not exist without the social media platform.

How Retweets Started

It may be a surprise to learn this, but retweets were not originally a part of Twitter. Users wanted a way to re-post a message from another user, while still giving credit to the person who tweeted it. Retweeting was established on the platform in August 2010.. Today some user’s retweets go viral when thousands of people consistently retweet it.

Where The Twitter Logo Came From

The iconic bird used as the Twitter logo name is Larry, named after famous basketball player Larry Bird. It was chosen because the co-founder is a Boston Celtic native-born fan. He wanted to pay homage to his hometown while also creating a very recognizable logo.

Who's Doing the Most on Twitter

In 2013 Katy Perry became the Twitter user with the most followers, with the singer at the time having over 109 million followers. Justin Bieber has the second most followers with over 106 million, and Barack Obama is third with over 103 million. YouTube is the most followed brand. A girl from Japan with the username @Yougakdaun_00 has sent out the most Tweets with over 37 million.

Enables Users to Tweet In Different Languages

If English is not a user’s first language then Twitter allows other languages to be used. It not only allows users to speak in 40 different languages it also provides translations. That way their users will not miss any of the Tweets sent around the world.

Twitter Denied An Offer From Facebook

Twitter Social Media Platform Blog Post

In 2008, Facebook offered Twitter a $500 million deal. It was when Twitter only had 6 million registered users. In October 2013, users reached 232 million and Twitter is now worth $11-$30 billion dollars.

Twitter Can Be An Addiction

Similar to other social media platforms, Twitter can be extremely addictive. Psychologists have agreed that problems for many have occurred as a result of this platform. Psychologists suggest the addiction for most comes from Twitter giving users constant news from various topics all over the world since the platform can be used for getting things to trend and quickly spreading the word around. Unlike other social media platforms, it’s an instant response regarding information about TV shows, pop culture and stars.

The Best Place To Market Your Business

Millions of users started their Twitter account to market their business. This social media platform provides users a large reach with who a business can interact with, along with allowing quick and easy access to share status updates or photos about what’s happening. No matter the industry, every business needs to be on Twitter.

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