Since 2016, live streaming has proven its worth in the digital marketing world. It has become the means to share live events, host interviews, host question & answer sessions, and give audiences a glimpse behind the scenes of a brand or company. Live streaming has increased in use because it grows a brand’s audience, reduces costs which increases revenue, and it humanizes a brand. It is no doubt that live streaming is a powerful marketing tool, but are there marketing opportunities within live streaming?

Live streaming is limited by one’s imagination. While live streaming’s anti-script nature helps make it cost-effective, planning ahead is crucial, especially while trying to market within a live stream video. The following are just a couple of examples of how it possibly could be done:

Sponsored Content

Nestle made history with its “First Day of Summer” campaign. Nestle was the first brand to have sponsored content on Periscope. Influencers created live videos about what they felt was the best parts of summer featuring Nestle’s signature Drumsticks. The campaign created just shy of two hours of branded content and had over 6,500 views.

Is It Possible to Market Within a Live Video Featured

Sponsored content like Nestle may not seem like a way to market within a live video but think of sponsored blogs and blogs with affiliate links. Brands pay bloggers to write reviews or mention their products. It’s possible to do the same with live videos.

Live Events

Live streaming has given obscure sports a chance to be televised. Tournaments and higher-level competitions need sponsors. Sports are not the only live events. Conferences, festivals, and tours are examples of live events looking for sponsors. The easiest way to turn this type of sponsorship into a marketing opportunity is to think along the line of “Brand Name is a Proud Sponsor of the Olympics.”

BeLive and Lightstream

BeLive and Lightstream are in essence live video editing tools. BeLive is a Facebook feature. It allows brands to add logos, edit color schemes, and add other visual elements. Lightstream is an online studio for live video. It allows users to add high-quality visuals and audio to live videos. In sponsored live videos as mentioned above the brand or company logo can be displayed during the live stream.

These are just a couple of examples of how is possible to market within live streaming. With a little planning, one can market within live videos. A person just needs to be creative.

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