In business, the best way to go about facing adversity is to jump in and learn to swim. Nowhere is this truism more applicable than in the sphere of entrepreneurship, where an intrepid businessperson seeks to create brand engagement out of nothing more than brains and grit. While doing is the best way to learn the solutions and pitfalls of running a commercial enterprise, when it comes to effective brand building, testing and foresight go a long way.

Effective Brand Building is an Investment

Every email, social media post, phone call and business card given out creates brand engagement. A staggering amount of time goes into running a business and nothing stalls forward momentum like rebranding due to a negative brand image that plagues a business. And while few things are as thrilling as launching and expanding a business, investing in brand engagement by taking the time to test logos and share brand details with an inner circle pays dividends later.

Consistency is Key

Voice, logo, values, colors, font, images and taglines are best determined ahead of public launching in any way (making a website public, placing an advertisement, buying stationary) because effective brand building is one of the most powerful ways to carve a niche and build a loyal customer base. Being consistent is every bit as important as laying a strong foundation. An overreaching marketing and communication strategy is vital to ensure message consistency across different social media platforms and in other forms of communications such as in newsletters, and even follow-up emails to new satisfied customers.

Know Your Audience

Customers are the lifeblood of a business because without them progress stops. So who are they, what do they want, and where can they be found? When it comes to effective brand building, a communication strategy that surrounds the ideal buyer ensures that great content meets receptive ears.

Offer Digital Value

Everybody loves free stuff, but in the age of digital overload, giving something away is no guarantee of a return or even a read. Instead, the new businessperson understands that offering value is the way to grow a loyal customer base because offering something useful to a consumer shows they are understood and their needs are important. Free guides, consultations or anything else can be a great way to show that your business might just be something different.

ABC (Always Build Credibility)

Email spam folders highlight an important point: there is a lot of digital junk out there. In a world of big promises and cutthroat competition, it is the business that consumers can trust that reaches its sales goals. It takes a lot to build consumer trust and very little to shatter it, so making a brand synonymous with credibility should be a key factor from the start. Posting on message boards, fact-checking every bit of content, including customer testimonials and expert statements, greatly boosts branding effectiveness.


Every industry has its experts, influencers and gatekeepers, and by allying with any number of these people much of the work of finding a target audience has already been done. For a new brand especially, an endorsement by an authority figure can be an absolute boon to both credibility and sales. Guest posts are a great way to reach a new audience and create brand engagement. Same goes for offering free products to an industry influencer in exchange for reviews. No matter the avenue of collaboration, important synergy occurs with such a meeting of the minds.

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