If you’re investing time and money into marketing… you better be sending people back to a great website. The sames goes for LinkedIn… if you are going to be active, make sure people see you at your best when they view your profile. Research shows that profiles with headshots and photos are more effective. Here’s a comprehensive LinkedIn profile tutorial complete with a cover photo tutorial:

Make sure you’re logged into LinkedIn… click on your name or photo to get to your profile.

To edit your profile photo… click the photo. Select a photo to use for your headshot… preferably a high resolution professional shot… choose a photo that represents how you’d like to look in front of a customer.

Use the tools on screen to select which part of the photo should be visible.

Click Apply.

I strongly suggest updating the default cover photo as well. To do this, click the pencil button.

Then Choose the pencil button that overlays the cover photo.

Choose another high resolution photo that will good in thin wide rectangle. Again… keep this professional and relevant. It will be the backdrop to the photo of you on your profile.

Once positioned… click apply.

You can change up these photos from time to time to stay current and top of mind.

Thanks for watching and see you on LinkedIn!

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