Over the past couple of years, the tide has turned, and more creatives are now choosing Windows over Apple to create their content. This happened when Apple essentially abandoned the Mac by not updating it as frequently as it should. Windows, on the other hand, was catering to creatives by releasing a new desktop computer, the Microsoft Surface Studio.

At release, the first Surface Studio was a bit outdated. The development stayed in the planning stages for too long and by the time it came out, it wasn’t worth the $2500+ price. It didn’t come with an SSD and the other internal hardware did not justify the price.

Mac vs. Windows Photo Editing

The Surface Studio 2, which was released in October 2018, hit the right notes. It had a brighter screen, updated processor, and graphics card. The display hinge on the device made it look like a digital drafting board and made this device a must buy.

The premium price tag, starting at $3500, made this product exclusive to professionals in the photo and video editing business. But that’s what is good about Windows; the Surface Studio is the hypothetical Lamborghini of digital creation space. However, creators can get by with other devices for significantly less like the Dell Inspiron series, Lenovo Yoga, or Samsung.

Mac vs. Windows Photo Editing

Apple will never put touch capability on the Mac which is essential for photo creation and editing. However, users can still use a Wacom device with a Mac. The fact that Apple has essentially put all their resources into their other devices (iPhone, iPad Pro, and Apple Watch), it is better to compare what can be done on the iPad Pro when it comes to photo editing.

Mac vs. Windows Photo Editing

Adobe is releasing a full version of Photoshop for mobile later in 2019. When that releases, the case to be made when buying a tablet/PC over an iPad Pro is the cheaper price and greater capabilities. As far as being more productive in other spaces besides photo and video editing, an iPad Pro is the way to go.

Mac vs. Windows Photo Editing

The iPad Pro is a good device for photo editing, but it still can’t properly edit video with something like Premiere Pro (yet). There are video editing apps on the iPad like iMovie, LumaFusion, VideoGrade, TypoRama and Videoshop. However, all of those apps are inferior to editing on a Mac or PC. Since video editing doesn’t require touch like drawing does, there is no wrong choice when choosing either platform. Adobe Premiere and a free video editor (Da Vinci Resolve) runs fine on both desktop computers and laptops for either operating system.

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