Today we’re taking two ways to create a great place to work, branding and natural light, and we’re blending them together in this fun, exclusive video from Workspace Digital.

Branding: Your physical space is the perfect venue to communicate, promote people, boost culture and wow visitors.

Natural Light: Since panel heights have dropped and offices have become more ‘open’… more of your employees can now enjoy the productivity-enhancing, health-benefiting and creative-juice-generating of sunlight…yes these are all real benefits!

Since Workspace Digital can solve all your branding needs and BOS is the best partner for creating a modern, natural light-filled workplace. I thought we’d show off a unique product that blends both concepts together!

The product showcased in the video above allows plenty of natural light to flood into our space and lets our employees enjoy the many scenic views of beautiful Roselle, Illinois. Incredibly the exterior of these same windows are branded with images and text… leveraging the real estate to drive traffic into our facility!

Plus… it’s easily to install. And that’s not all… at certain times of the day, especially in late summer, the sun sets at such an angel that it was directly in people’s eyes if they sat facing the window… and was creating horrible glare on computers if they faced away. This product actually helped reduce these undesirable effects.

And if you’re thinking about branding interior glass… we’ve got solutions for that as well.

If these solutions peaked your interest… or if you want to know more about our 360º workspace services… give us a call. From technology to brand, height adjustable desks to magical window applications… we really can do it all. for your physical space. Workspace Digital for your digital needs. Thanks to dale for helping us out today… and thank YOU for watching!

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