Do you need more assistance in your business? Would someone to help organize the different projects you have going on make life easier? You may want to look into a project manager to help take over some of the different aspects of your business. They can help with some of the more mundane tasks so you can focus on growing your business, getting more clients, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Have you ever considered where project management actually started? Looking back over history, there are some amazing feats that never could have been completed without a single person for all others to reference. Consider the Hoover Dam, or go back further, the Great Wall, perhaps even back to the Pyramids.

How would any of those projects been completed without someone overseeing each step to ensure it was completed properly? While this technique has been used all along, it wasn’t actually titled “project management” until the development of the Gantt chart in 1917. With this official title, project management began its development into what we know today.

The Perks of Having a Project Manager on Your Team


Project managers will be able to be the go-between for all of the different departments, clients, or outside companies that you work with. Each project can be made easier if one person is in charge of keeping in touch with everyone. This ensures that all information is relayed accurately and you know who to ask when you need answers. 


They take all of the details for every project, and have them all organized in a way that makes sense to everyone working on the project. At the start of a project, they will take all of the information the project requires and put it together. From that information, a schedule and timeline are created and the pieces of the project get delegated. As each portion of the project is complete, it gets marked off and whatever is left gets tracked. Whenever you need an update on where a project is, you can ask one person and have an instant update. This makes life simpler.

Leadership & Management

They will have the ability to manage timelines, schedules for each person doing part of the project, costs and budgets that go into the project, and all of the people who make up your team. Again, this allows you to be able to turn to a single person when you need information or an update.

Once you decide that a project manager is next on your to-do list, reach out to us here at Workspace Digital. We can help you find someone that understands your needs and niche, can make your projects run smoothly, and even has a network of professionals that can help get your projects done quickly.

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