Employees needs their devices fully charged throughout the day to preform their best. As the workforce has grown to be more and more integrated with technology, being connected at all times has become both a necessity and an expectation. Therefore, if a device isn’t at 100%, it’s difficult for the workspace to be. ChargeSpot is a wireless power charging transmitter that installs easily underneath any table surface. It gives smart phones and tablets power 1.5 times faster than conventional wireless chargers.

Here’s why you want to be using it:

Minimal Installation Required

ChargeSpot provides what CEO Mark Goh calls an “end-to-end solution.” When a customer decides they want this product in their office, ChargeSpot takes care of all the assessment, installation and maintenance. All you have to do is tuck away those old fashioned wired chargers and extension cords. You won’t need to deal with those any more.

ChargeSpot Wireless Power Blog Post
ChargeSpot Wireless Power Blog Post

Quick and Easy to Use.

To use ChargeSpot, find the decal, place your phone on it and the battery of your device is no longer a concern. No wires, no worries. The days of stressing over periodically finding a convenient power source are over. ChargeSpot is placed to fit your office’s needs.

Works for all Devices.

Most charging stations aren’t functional for all devices. Yet ChargeSpot works for any phone or tablet. Some devices have the charging capability built in their hardware, but for those that don’t, ChargeSpot provides ChargeSpot Spark—a plug-in for the device to be connected to while its placed over the decal for high speed power.

Provides a Flexible Workspace

ChargeSpot rules out the management of wires and cables. Collaboration, productivity, and innovation should center the workspace, not an outlet. More freedom in design strengthens opportunities for new ideas and solutions. It also provides a cleaner looking, less cluttered workspace which thus promotes more organized thoughts.

Workspace Digital offers a full range of technology for your workspace – including ChargeSpot. Take advantage of our affordable packages and accelerate your progress in the digital space by connecting with us today.

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